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United 93

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Seven years. I finally managed to work up the courage to watch this movie. I can’t say I regret it, but it wasn’t an enjoyable experience. Basically two hours of dread building up over the inevitable.

Worth watching, I think, especially with how little attention this receives nowadays.

Photoshop Disasters


I recently came across Photoshop Disasters. Although I’m no pro, I often enjoy looking at Photoshops from Fark, SomethingAwful, Worth1000, and various other websites. Photoshop Disasters aims to mock the worst of the worst when it comes to Photoshopped images.

This one is a classic…


This photo from Maxim is a neoclassic, not just because of the classy Photoshop work, but the wonderful irony as well.


Governmental agencies have suppressed this magazine cover because it proves the existence of alien life.


Definitely something to keep an eye on, though it could use a dash of snark.

CMB Crosspost


This week there was no Chainmail Bikini. After Shamus’ explanation I had to do this.


Christmas Eve

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You’d think I’d be over this hurdle by now — but I’m not. Still much to do for this evening to prepare for tomorrow. I’m heading out for now, but for anyone who might be reading, take care, enjoy your holiday rites, and stay clear of the ultra-spicy General Tso’s.

Out of the Loop, Link Roundup


Lately I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed by the number of things I want to write about here, and underwhelmed by the amount of energy I have to spare on writing stuff for this site. I think I must be coming down with something, as it’s worse than usual and I’m not even pushing myself as hard as I usually do.

In order to catch up a bit I’m going to dump a whole slew of things out here that I’ve been meaning to post on, but haven’t gotten around to doing.

Rethinking Mecha via Fledgeling Otaku. The premise is set forth that Mecha series are generally disliked because they’re gizmo-centric with not enough focus on characters, and various other smaller reasons. Personally, I tend to dislike mecha animes, but mostly for the opposite reasons — It strikes me that there’s frequently too much emphasis on characters. If I were going to watch a mecha anime (and the only one I’ve managed to sit through so far in its entirety has been Escaflowne, but I didn’t even know that was a ‘mecha’ anime until I got into it) I want robots fighting, not teenage angst and interpersonal drama between military officers. I also don’t tend to like that most mecha action sequences tend to be over the top — The main character can’t just pilot his mech between a few homing missles, he’s got to evade ten thousand of them simultaneously. I think I’d prefer anime with more realism and which gives a better sense of the battles that are actually occurring, instead of focusing too much on impossible, invincible mech pilots.

This Guardian article is spot on. I’ve never understood this obsession with constantly seeking for something to do — I guess having more than two brain cells to rub together means that I don’t need outside stimulus to find something to occupy myself.

A few days ago this link to MarryOurDaughter was making the rounds on all the social news sites. Although the site is sick, it’s not sick because it’s advertising pubescent girls being sold into marriage — It’s sick because it’s an obvious fake, yet someone actually cared enough about pursuing some [unknown] agenda to make a site like this. My speculation? This is a site made pretty much as a joke to poke fun at those backwater southern conservative yokels. In other words, it’s preening by provincial bigots. Having lived in both the north and the south for a time, it always amazes me how people in northern states feel the need to constantly bash on southerners, particularly when such bashing more often than not reveals they’ve never lived in the south and, more likely, never been exposed to any culture beyond their own.

On a sort of related note, apparently ABC is planning its own investigation of NBC’s disturbing To Catch a Predator series. Sadly, but typically, there’s more thoughtful discussion of the subject on Fark than there is in the general media.

Again, sort of related, we’ve got a Washington Post article on some gay character who’s basically threatening to “out” homosexual Republicans. I don’t know why these people feel the need to constantly go on witch hunts and expose aspects of people’s private lives. I haven’t been following the Craig affair at all, besides what I absorb through osmosis of being alive, but I wonder why it’s so “scandalous” in the minds of certain people that someone might be gay? Ostensibly the reason is because of hypocrisy, but hypocrisy is such a ubiquitous problem that it hardly justifies this sort of thing.

This Reddit “story” and it’s accompanying comments thread was a relatively interesting read for me. I’m always astounded by the number of people who come out of the woodworks to defend theories that are completely based on opinion and anecdote, ignore countervailing opinions and anecdotes, do not attempt to scientifically validate their claims and use ad hominem, intimidation and even violence against those who do not agree with them.

I Know the Feeling…

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I just saw this comic over at Penny Arcade, and all I can say is that I know the feeling. A friend of mine bought Guitar Hero awhile back and I love the game, but I’m just utterly bad at it. I can play hyperspeed on Easy mode and that’s about it. Once you throw in that fourth button on medium difficulty it’s all over for me. But bring out the Photoshop Hero and I’ll go to town.

Regulating Blog Output

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Shamus writes about the fundamental Blogging Paradox — When you’re doing things that you want to write about, often you don’t have time to write about them. When you’re not, you have nothing to write about. From there he asks if anyone else has trouble “regulating blog output.”

I really like that phrase, and I think that’s pretty apt for me. I most definitely have trouble regulating blog output. Two months ago I was so busy that I simply didn’t have time for more than the occasional post, and now that I have more time I’m throwing it into catching up on all the things I didn’t have time to do while in crunch mode.

Another factor in posting is topicality and variety. I generally try to keep this blog with some sort of vague focus on technology, games, and things of that nature, and so a lot of the things I could blog on I might not. Then there’s variety — I could probably easily fill up this blog with posts about my thoughts on what I might want to do with D&D or any number of other hobbies. But I feel like I’d rather not have so many posts in a row on the same subject matter, especially given that usually means my thoughts won’t be completely hashed out on the matter. I get the impression lately that I tend to be moving towards longer posts, rather than short and snappy, which is both good and bad — Hopefully I can find some happy medium for both, as writing a really long post isn’t something I can do on a day-to-day or every-other-day basis.

This Post Is Not About…

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This post is not about the cat who can predict peoples’ deaths. That would just be redundant. Stories about that cat have already been topping social news sites like Fark, Digg, and Reddit for the past couple of days, so there’s no need for this post to be about that cat. Many blogs I read have also made a point to draw attention to this cat, so I don’t feel compelled to write about him in this post. Since my local newspapers and the television news have picked up my slack in reporting on the Cat who was Death, I can focus my attentions in this post, without guilt, on silly human-interest stories like global warming, terrorism, and the dramatic and catastrophic upswing of entropy in the universe, rather than cats who live in nursing homes and curl up next to dying patients.

My priorities must be really screwed up.

Healbot Blues

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While browsing over on the Guild Wars Guru forums I came across this little gem of a webcomic called Healbot Blues. I have no idea how well this translates to non-Guild Wars players, but I find it pretty hilarious. The art is really quite nice as well, the guy who draws these definitely has some talent.


This one actually makes me want to try to create a Guild Wars d20 system … Or maybe 2d10, or 3d6, or 4d6… Hmm.