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UT3 Weapon Rundown

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Like Shamus, I’m going to do a rundown of the UT3 weapons arsenal. I’ve been playing the demo for a bit longer than him, so hopefully this will go into a bit more depth about what each weapon does exactly, some basic strategies that I’ve found effective, and criticisms or suggestions where I felt things could be improved.

I actually wrote up several paragraphs for each weapon, and then I realized that, altogether, I’d written about ten pages of material. Rather than making one gigantic post that no one will read, I’ll be doing a post on each weapon separately each day, possibly more if I want to speed things up, for the next week, give or take. The full game comes out on November 19th, so I figure that’ll be an interesting ramp up, even though it’s pure coincidental that it happened that way.

I’ll be linking all of the posts back to this one, and updating this post as a central list to all of the weapon writeups.

  1. Impact Hammer
  2. Enforcer
  3. Bio Rifle
  4. Shock Rifle
  5. Link Gun
  6. Stinger Minigun
  7. Flak Cannon
  8. Rocket Launcher
  9. Sniper Rifle
  10. Avril
  11. Redeemer
  12. Translocator

Update (11/21/07): I just got a copy of the full UT3 scripts, so I will be updating my weapon summaries based on the information there (if there is any updating needed).

The Real Secret of UT99’s Success, and What UT3 Needs to Outsell it!

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Found this post on the UT3 forums, it was too great not to repost it here. If the link doesn’t work, the original thread may be gone. I have no idea how housekeeping works over on Epic’s forums.

Originally posted by Innociv with thread title same as this post title.



You silly UT200x players don’t remember this. It’s the reason UT99 sold 50% more copies. It had nothing to do with dodge+jump and the low gravity ruining the movement and the dumbed down weapons!

While the great gameplay of UT3 that goes back to UT99’s routes, or better even, is great. It was all Nali Warcow that added that extra 1mil of sales or so.

Sure, Nali and it’s voiceback added another 100k or 200k to the sales numbers, for sure, but Nali Warcow was definitely the big boost to it’s sales.

What would Halo be without Master Chief?! Not selling 15 million copies, that’s what!

The splash damage on Goliath is fine.
The weapons are all perfectly fine and balanced.
The Hoverboard is perfectly done.
Manta is.. *Cough*overpowered and should be rebalanced so that’s it’s roll is killing tanks, chasing enemy flag runners, and fedexing friendly flag runners around that are grappled. Not a roadkill-everyone-and-rape-EVERYTHING-but-raptors-machine. IE not be able to roadkill crouched people, even when it crushes down. But besides that everything game wise is pretty perfect excluding UI.*cough*

What’s missing is … Nali Warcow!

But how, innociv, you ask, can you do better than Nali Warcow? It’s impossible to top! But UT3 needs to to sell 4, 5 million even copies!
Ah, I have the aswere..
The one thing greater than Warcows!
Nali Warmanatee!

Nali Warcow2

Don’t mess this one up Epic. You have 1 month to turn this from an A game, to a Legendary record smashing title!

Working out the Kinks…

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I’ve been suffering some persistent problems with my mouse lately. As you might expect, this has been kind of a damper on the enjoyment I get out of something like Unreal Tournament 3, as it depends a tad on your ability to aim accurately with a mouse. I’ve also been generally dissatisfied with the level of performance my machine has been giving me lately, so I figured it was time to start looking into upgrades.

I figure I’ll need at least a new mouse, some more RAM, and a new graphics card. That’s for starters, though I may need more than that. I ordered the RAM and installed it recently, and I’m happy to say my performance across the board has improved drastically. And oddly enough, my mouse problems cleared up. I guess I won’t be needing that new mouse after all? Either way, I’m really happy, and my Unreal Tournament 3 experience just got better by leaps and bounds. Having a partially functional mouse is extremely frustrating, but I suffered through it because I like the game so much — Now that I actually have decent control? Excellent. I went and won a few DeathMatch matches today on public servers, and I actually got my heart pumping with the action. Been awhile.

I guess while I’m talking about it, I should mention that I actually ran across a modified demo server already — Unfortunately I didn’t catch the IP address or the name, except I know it’s a clan server with tags {*X*}, with * being a single-character wildcard. I don’t know exactly what they did with the settings, but it felt like it was running at 150% gamespeed with low gravity, and was running Heat Ray in a loop. That was great fun, and anyone who misses the Unreal Tournament 2004 mobility should love it.

Unreal Tournament 3 Demo Update

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Yes, it’s just that damn good.

Unreal Tournament 3 Demo

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Update: And we’ve got unlocked versions coming in from non-FilePlanet sources. Click here for the unlocked demo torrent.

Update 2: Still downloading myself, but this screen comes from someone who’s playing it right now.


It’s out*.

* For FilePlanet subscribers. It is not, however, “unlocked” yet. We can probably expect it’ll be unlocked between 9am and 6pm EST today.

As an aside, I really wish developers and publishers wouldn’t encourage FilePlanet’s scheming to fool gullible people into subscribing to their service. Obviously Epic/Midway want there to be a simultaneous release of the demo on all of these download sites, but FilePlanet gets around this in a roundabout way through the “unlocking” process. In the meantime, you’ve probably got hundreds to thousands of people fooled into thinking that they need to subscribe to FilePlanet to get the demo at all. I usually don’t have much sympathy for people that dumb, but FilePlanet goes out of its way to try and trick people to subscribing at every opportunity. They really leave a bad taste in my mouth, and it’d please me greatly if they got snubbed by game companies until they cleaned up their act.

Unreal Tournament 3 Dev Chat

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Yesterday the folks at BeyondUnreal held a development chat with some guys from Epic games on Unreal Tournament 3. I wasn’t able to attend but I did enjoy reading the chat. The game sounds like it is shaping up pretty well, with Epic indicating on many occasions that they’re looking to return the Unreal Tournament series to a more traditional feel, with deadlier weapons and less acrobatics than Unreal Tournament 2003: The Travesty. The developers also mentioned they’re paying closer attention to scale, which sounds promising for preventing the midget-syndrome prevalent in 2003/4. All-in-all a nice and refreshing change of pace from reading hype-filled magazine articles to hearing down-to-earth talk from the developers.

Read the log here. (Big thanks to KriLL3 for logging this!)

More UT3 Images

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Kind of burnt out on posting lots of UT3 material, as there’s a glut of it now that the game release is drawing ever nearer, some time in November last I heard, but I was pretty impressed with some of the scenery in these pics so I figured I’d toss them up here.







A minor aside: This article claims Halo 3 will have 11/12 multiplayer maps. What the heck? How can someone think roughly ten multiplayer maps is an acceptable number? UT3 is going to have something like 40 and even that seems pretty skimpy considering you’ve got Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Vehicle Capture the Flag, and Warfare, and maybe even more gamemodes.

Unreal Tournament 3 at E3 2007

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A new trailer from this year’s E3, and also a target release date of November 2007. Excellent news!

If you’ve been looking forward to this game at all, do yourself a favor and download the high resolution trailer (Quicktime .mov format).


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Unfortunately I’m still far busier than I expected…

Here’s two UT2004 videos that I came across the other day, by a player called T2A`. Pretty nice work, good music choices and humor value. I’ve uploaded them to YouTube, but the quality really suffers in the small YouTube window. I recommend you download the full sized versions, which are linked after the embedded YouTube versions. Total running time for both is under five minutes, so if you’ve got a few minutes to spare and have an interest in frag videos you might find them worthwhile.

Full version here.

Full version here.