Mass Effect 3 Ending

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It’s pretty obvious that Mass Effect 3’s ending couldn’t have lived up to the expectations of some of the series’ fans. However, what Mass Effect fans got was an ending that did far less than fail to live up to their expectations: It failed to be logical, provide emotional closure, or even be consistent with itself.
One really has to wonder what happened at Bioware that led to this mess being released. I don’t think I have seen a single person who expressed more than a hesitant acceptance of the ending. When the best even the most rabid fanboys has to say is, “Well, I can kind of see how it might work,” you have probably erred horrendously.

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  1. Matthew Melange

    I think it’s kind of obvious where they were going with their ending. Like mass effect 2 where because you did certain sidequests, side characters lived and died.

    In mass effect 3, I think they wanted to do because you did certain sidequests, you get certain cutscenes of guns & ships shooting reapers in the final cutscene.

    Unfortunately there was no time for that so we get a red, blue, green light show instead. Almost as good. But completely horrible.

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