Firefox 4

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I recently upgraded to Firefox 4 and noticed a number of annoying issues.

  • The page refresh button has moved from over on the left hand side of the browser (where it accompanied the Forward and Back buttons) to the right hand side of the URL bar.
  • Links that I hover over now have a “pop up” effect displaying where the link will go to, instead of displaying in a bar at the bottom of the window.
  • I no longer seem to have a status bar at the bottom of my window that shows the progress of the page loading and other miscellaneous utilities.

I’m not really hugely upset, but I think it’s absurd that the Mozilla / Firefox developers keep feeling the need to push UI changes with no sensible reason behind them. Guess what guys? Over 125 million people use Firefox. It’s unbelievable to me that they will just sit down and decide to change things up for what amounts to “It looks cooler” reasons. We’re used to the UI looking a certain way, it’s fine if you want to provide new options. Heck, I’d be okay even if those new options were enabled by default, so long as users like myself upgrading from earlier versions of Firefox didn’t have our browsing experience disrupted by pointless changes.

Fortunately, moving the page refresh button was a simple matter. However I’m forced to install an add-on called Status-4-Ever to get the status bar functionality back. I love Firefox as a browser, but every once in awhile the developers just seem to do something totally boneheaded.

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