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My blogroll was in desperate need of an update, so I went through it and pared it down a lot.

It’s almost been 5 years since this blog was started. That’s a long time. A lot of the blogs I used to read don’t update anymore. I think probably the most disappointing one on that front is the awesome 2Blowhards blog, which was always an entertaining and insightful look into the arts. I kind of want to reminisce over the other blogs I used to read, but well, I’ll spare you.

Then there’s the blogs I don’t read anymore. Sometimes this is just natural. You read a person’s thoughts for awhile, come to understand their perspective, then move on. Sometimes the blog moves away from you: Steven Den Beste’s USS Clueless was very insightful political/cultural blog when it ran. Later he turned his blog into Chizumatic and started blogging about anime. However, he seems obsessed with banal loli and harem animes that I can’t stand watching in the first place, much less reading about them secondhand. Mike Mearls’ blog turned into a twitter feed. I just don’t understand twitter, and I don’t need to read 1,000 1 line updates with no actual thought behind them.

And then there are blogs which I never really liked, but did read as a bit of a look over the fence. Mostly here I’m thinking of Bankuei/Deeper in the Game’s blog, which went through a couple of different incarnations before going off the deep end. Or more realistically – The author of the blog was well off the deep end before, and at some point he wrote a couple of gaming posts that actually were interesting based on real-life and not on confabulation and delusional thought systems, then he returned to the regularly scheduled madness. I’m actually a little irritated with myself that I linked to this guy’s blog for so long as people who perpetuate psychotic ideologies should really be isolated and ignored.

At this point I have to consider adding some new links to the blogroll here. My general reading has moved on to different tastes, so we’ll see.
I should also mention that while WordPress has some nice quick tools for editing posts and pages … Editing blog links is really tedious and slow in comparison. It’s shocking and pathetic there’s not a “Quick Edit” option for Links but there is for other things, nor can you easily “Bulk Edit” links to move their category or adjust their visibility. I may have to look into plugins to improve this because it’s shocking and I’m sure that anyone who has tried to manage their blogroll has run into this issue.

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