Alien Architecture

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A few weeks ago I ran across a link to the following picture on Reddit…


The headline being, “The aliens have landed.” And I can’t dispute that. Who gives the thumbs up to projects like these? Who thought it was a good idea to plop down what looks like a misshapen blob of Play-Dough on top of a glass box in the midst of what otherwise looks like a very pleasant area? I don’t even know what that building is supposed to be.

Here’s another example that I came across recently.


This one is supposed to be a civil court building. Check out some of the comments on the site. The more realistic reactions include, “Crushed coke can,” “squashed cheese grater,” and “toilet for giants.” How about another one: Ten minutes inside 3DStudioMax and a deform modifier. Any fifteen year old with a rudimentary understanding of 3D modelling programs could create this, so why is apparently so impressive when an architect comes up with it?

Here’s another angle:


Probably the most sensible comment so far, aside from the humorous and true quips about this pathetic lump of failure, is this one by commenter “ArchitectsAnswer”:

Is justice blind-to what its supposed to serve, the greater public? I often find Zaha’s work ironically announcing herself as an architect and using her own audacity to bring ‘meaning’ or importance to her work. I am amazed that the renderings don’t include any context of what already exists in this city. Obviously, these things didn’t go into consideration. But how can a civic building serve the popularity of the architect but also address the civic nature of a courthouse? Frank Gehry set up an appropriately pretentious art museum in Bilbao and Madrid is just trying to match its audacity in all the wrong ways.

It’s hard for me to wrap my head around why anyone thinks these are good designs, or, even worse, why governments are willing to blow millions of dollars so that architects can erect monuments to themselves. I mean, I doubt I would want a spaceship sitting in the midst of my neighborhood, but if I were going to have one, I’d like a nice one and not some blob of blue or a crumpled aluminum waste-bin. How about something that’s actually aesthetically attractive, like a Protoss Mothership?


Beautiful colors, harmonious design. It’d be a bit overwhelming in scale, but at least it has fine detail and other elements that relates it in an integral way to humans. As a court it carries a lot more sense of purpose than the meat grinder Zaha Hadid is foisting on Madrid. And all of this in spite of being intentionally designed to be an alien spacecraft.

What a joke.

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