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I noticed a couple of sites recently that were hotlinking images that were hosted on my site, so I disabled all image hotlinking. I felt like this was an unfortunate but necessary step, since obviously some people can’t be bothered to put in even the minimal amount of effort that would have been required to simply rehost images locally.

I can understand hotlinking in some situations: Let’s say someone in a forum linked to a post that I wrote about a game and also wanted to include some of the pictures I usually include with videogame related posts. Although forums tend to be huge wastes of bandwidth, that sort of usage makes some sense and isn’t instantly objectionable. After all, presumably the example here is one that’s discussing what I wrote and with forums you don’t necessarily have an easy at-hand way to deal with images. On the other hand, someone who has gone through all the trouble to make their own website and secure hosting for it doesn’t really have an excuse.

I would prefer if I didn’t have to completely disable hotlinking, so I am thinking about how I can revise my access policies, but for now it’s gone.

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