Haibane Renmei – Impressions

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We’re coming up on 2008 and I finally got around to watching this one. I’ve been meaning to watch it for a really long time, but had never gotten around to it. What’s a really long time? I first heard of the series in when Steven reviewed it in 2005.

Now, part of the time lag was intentional. I don’t usually like reviews to color my initial impressions. Even so, the reputation this little anime had built up made it an intimidating prospect to watch. In retrospect, the idea of putting off watching this anime because it seems too intimidating is a little ironic, as it’s one of the least intimidating animes I’ve seen. Funny to think that I’ll usually jump right in to something like Ghost in the Shell, which is the sort of thing you need to mentally brace yourself for if you want to comprehend the world that’s being presented and the stories that are being told, yet I spent so long avoiding this quaint little story. I’m actually a bit surprised at how inviting an experience it was to watch, certainly something that seemed fitting to watch around Thanksgiving.

If I hadn’t stopped myself I probably would’ve watched the whole thing in one day. That would’ve been a little bit overkill, but I did absolutely devour this series. Despite what is so little obvious plot, the whole thing is so well executed in every way that I found it extremely compelling. The series creates a little world that you can peek in on … but only for 13 episodes. It’s really a shame, because I felt like I didn’t want it to end. I don’t think there’s much more I can say to praise the series than that.

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