UT3 Intermission

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I think I’m going to take a little bit of a break from the UT3 weapons now that I’ve finished posting thoughts and information the core weapons set. I’ll get around to the Translocator, Avril, Redeemer, and maybe some of the other miscellaneous items later. The interruption comes out of a couple of different motives:

One, I went out and bought the full game and have started playing it. I’m only on the single player campaign right now, but I think it’s fantastic. Having access to the full range of maps makes the game feel so different than simply playing with the three demo levels. I put in a good number of hours in the game yesterday, and I’m still playing the campaign — It’s actually pretty cool for an Unreal Tournament singleplayer mode, and there’s a bit of humor mixed in with outstanding gameplay. Playing on CTF-Hydro16 or CTF-Coret brought back memories, and both maps feel really good, fast, and action packed. The only complaint I have is pretty common: The bots on my team are incompetent, while the bots on the other team are pretty good.

Two, there are some other things I want to write about, and even though most of my work on the UT3 weapon summaries was done last weekend, I’ve been doing editing and checking of my material over the course of the week, so I’m a bit burnt out on that. Besides, it’s time to mix it up a tad.

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