UT3 Weapon Rundown: Stinger Minigun



For the Minigun, this time around, Epic has gone back to its Unreal 1 roots and combined the Stinger weapon with the Minigun, adding a lot of flavor to what’s normally a pretty boring weapon. The new weapon design is spectacular, reminiscent of Unreal 1’s minigun design, but in no way looking dated. This thing has a barrel with three spinning barrels, each comprised of three spinning barrels. How cool is that?


Primary fire is what you expect from the Minigun. Rapid-fire, hitscan bullets with a built-in spread. This time around, each bullet does 14 damage, which is near double the damage the standard minigun bullets did in UT2004. I’ve no idea how many bullets it sprays out per second, but I figure it’s somewhere between 7.5 and 15. The bullet spread has also been tightened up a bit. In short, this weapon will tear things up. It’ll take down a freshly spawned player in under a second, and even heavily armored opponents will die quickly under sustained fire. A lot of people consider the Stinger to be the ultimate weapon now, although I’d argue it doesn’t stack up quite that well at close range. It is very effective at medium to long ranges, maybe a bit too effective at long range. Just be sure to start firing slightly before you think you’ll need it, as it does take half a second or a second for the barrels to spin up to full speed.

In the demo, at least, the Stinger is the only weapon given in the weapon lockers of vCTF-Suspense that gives footsoldiers a fighting chance against Mantas or Raptors. Neither the Shock Rifle nor the Sniper Rifle are given in the lockers, so acquiring one requires a bit of effort. Further, neither of these weapons have near the raw damage-per-second output of the Stinger. The Stinger does over 100 damage per second, where the Shock or Sniper Rifle do about 50 damage per second. Holding down the fire button is guaranteed to do at least some damage, and used in conjunction with other teammates it’s quite effective at taking out these threats.


Secondary fire with the Stinger fires out a single, 38 damage tarydium shard. This firing mode is pretty much a direct homage to the original Stinger from Unreal. Unfortunately, the Stinger in Unreal was pretty much only useful as the weapon you used when you didn’t want to waste ammunition for better weapons. The secondary fire is almost identical to the plasma bolts that the Link Gun shoots out via its primary fire, except the tarydium shards only fire about half as fast, but do half again as much damage when they connect.

I’ve only found two situations where I find the secondary firemode consistently useful. The first is in delivering a knockout blow to people who I knock off of their hoverboards with the primary fire. Once someone is on the ground, they’re sitting ducks against the high-powered but relatively slow shards. The second is in spamming tarydium shards at vehicles coming across the bridge in vCTF-Suspense. With the latter, it’s not so much about getting kills as suppressing vehicles that might be on the far side of the map, and a couple of quick hits of 48 damage each will dissuade most people from sticking their head out.

Many people have been complaining that the Stinger is “too powerful,” and while it’s true the Stinger is extremely effective, in a regular DeathMatch game, walking around with a weapon that’ll take 6 or 7 shots to kill a person just seems suicidal with so many one-hit wonders stalking about. Perhaps others might find it more effective, but I typically only tend to pick up stray kills with it. It is an overwhelmingly good choice to have drawn if you’re in large open spaces, whether in DeathMatch or in vehicular gametypes.

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  1. Yeah, sounds like a tough weapon to play with in death-matches. Does my player move slowly carrying the stinger/minigun than he would carrying something lighter, like the link gun?

  2. Your movement speed isn’t reduced from what I can see. There was a slight effect like that in UT2004, but either it’s so minor that I can’t notice it, or it doesn’t exist.

  3. Yep, having just picked up the game, I can’t notice one either.

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