UT3 Weapon Rundown: Enforcer

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A trusty and reliable starting weapon. I am not a big fan of the design, and the sound effect for the weapon is a bit lacking, but it’s a hitscan weapon with pretty good accuracy, rate of fire, and does 20 damage every pull of the trigger. Whatever else can be said about the aesthetics of the thing, you have to respect its functionality. The secondary fire is a salvo of three wild shots in rapid succession, followed by about a second of downtime.


The primary fire is good at range. The key with the Enforcer is to keep a cool head and not to spray and pray. Unlike the Stinger, the Enforcer doesn’t have the fire rate to accomodate that sort of wild misuse of the weapon. The Enforcer is much like UT2004’s Assault Rifle in that its initial shot has no aim error. Then, if you hold the trigger down, subsequent shots each become a little more inaccurate. I do believe the Enforcer hits its cap on inaccuracy around the fourth shot, so don’t expect your shots to eventually go firing off perpendicular to your gun or anything. The inaccuracy isn’t a big deal at medium DeathMatch ranges, but it can be the difference between hitting a hoverboarding flag carrier in vCTF-Suspense and not. If you release the trigger for about a second, your next shot will return to perfect accuracy. So make your first shot count, try to follow up, and if you can’t and find yourself missing too much, then try to duck behind cover for a second to steady your aim.

If you’re playing DeathMatch, or unusually tight maps in other gametypes, you’d do well to consider that the Enforcer isn’t, actually, your only spawn weapon. In tight quarters, I recommend you go to the Impact Hammer. When it comes down to a battle between an Enforcer and a Flak Cannon or Rocket Launcher in close quarters, I’d much rather have my own 1-hit kill weapon out than something that I’ll need to connect 5 times with to kill an opponent.

If you’re in more open settings, the Enforcer can be an even better choice than the Stinger if you’ve got decent aim. The Enforcer does have some spread, but it’s less than the Stinger has, and the Enforcer does a bit more damage per bullet. Pop a few shots off at someone who is fighting someone else and you might pick off a kill. Better, use the Enforcer’s perfect accuracy on that first shot to knock down Hoverboarders, then finish them off while they’re down.


The secondary fire of the Enforcer was always a little useless. Previously it turned your guns “Gangsta” style, sideways, and caused you to fire faster but with much greater inaccuracy. The new secondary fire is similar, and I haven’t found a good use for it yet. The concept is kind of sound — Toss out three bullets at once and hope whoever was coming at you died from the salvo. Unfortunately, the aim-error on these shots is tripled or quadrupled. At the effective range to hit with all three shots, you probably don’t want to have the Enforcer drawn anyway, as the Impact Hammer is the deadlier option. Then there’s the fact that 60 damage isn’t going to dispatch an opponent reliably. The refire delay also seems a little long, as in the time it takes to use the secondary fire and wait for its refire delay, you could have also popped off three shots with the primary fire. I’d bet the secondary comes out a little bit ahead of the primary fire in raw damage potential, but it’s just not enough to make it noticeably useful when considered with its disadvantages.

As a small note, although “Gangsta” style firing is gone as a fire mode, you may notice that when you approach a target with the Enforcer drawn that you automatically go into “Gangsta” firing style. It’s a nice little touch, I think.

In any vehicular gametype, the Enforcer is out of its league. Not only do vehicles have hundreds of HP to wear down, but damage per bullet from the Enforcer is reduced to 6. That’s about 75% damage reduction right there, so don’t even bother. The only real use the gun has in vehicular gametypes is as a fallback if you have neither Shock Rifle, nor Sniper Rifle for precision attacks at distance, such as for knocking foes off of hoverboards. Although the Enforcer is leagues better than the Assault Rifle as a DeathMatch weapon, I definitely do miss the Assault Rifle’s grenades in vehicular gametypes. The Enforcer’s secondary fire is pretty lacking, and that’s even more apparent when you look at it against vehicles. Firing some kind of armor-piercing or EMP rounds on secondary fire, or just giving the Enforcer grenade-launcher clip-on in vCTF and WAR would go a long way to at least make it worth considering using against vehicles. Right now you’ve got better chances using the Impact Hammer.

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