UT3 Weapon Rundown


Like Shamus, I’m going to do a rundown of the UT3 weapons arsenal. I’ve been playing the demo for a bit longer than him, so hopefully this will go into a bit more depth about what each weapon does exactly, some basic strategies that I’ve found effective, and criticisms or suggestions where I felt things could be improved.

I actually wrote up several paragraphs for each weapon, and then I realized that, altogether, I’d written about ten pages of material. Rather than making one gigantic post that no one will read, I’ll be doing a post on each weapon separately each day, possibly more if I want to speed things up, for the next week, give or take. The full game comes out on November 19th, so I figure that’ll be an interesting ramp up, even though it’s pure coincidental that it happened that way.

I’ll be linking all of the posts back to this one, and updating this post as a central list to all of the weapon writeups.

  1. Impact Hammer
  2. Enforcer
  3. Bio Rifle
  4. Shock Rifle
  5. Link Gun
  6. Stinger Minigun
  7. Flak Cannon
  8. Rocket Launcher
  9. Sniper Rifle
  10. Avril
  11. Redeemer
  12. Translocator

Update (11/21/07): I just got a copy of the full UT3 scripts, so I will be updating my weapon summaries based on the information there (if there is any updating needed).

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