The Real Secret of UT99’s Success, and What UT3 Needs to Outsell it!

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Found this post on the UT3 forums, it was too great not to repost it here. If the link doesn’t work, the original thread may be gone. I have no idea how housekeeping works over on Epic’s forums.

Originally posted by Innociv with thread title same as this post title.



You silly UT200x players don’t remember this. It’s the reason UT99 sold 50% more copies. It had nothing to do with dodge+jump and the low gravity ruining the movement and the dumbed down weapons!

While the great gameplay of UT3 that goes back to UT99’s routes, or better even, is great. It was all Nali Warcow that added that extra 1mil of sales or so.

Sure, Nali and it’s voiceback added another 100k or 200k to the sales numbers, for sure, but Nali Warcow was definitely the big boost to it’s sales.

What would Halo be without Master Chief?! Not selling 15 million copies, that’s what!

The splash damage on Goliath is fine.
The weapons are all perfectly fine and balanced.
The Hoverboard is perfectly done.
Manta is.. *Cough*overpowered and should be rebalanced so that’s it’s roll is killing tanks, chasing enemy flag runners, and fedexing friendly flag runners around that are grappled. Not a roadkill-everyone-and-rape-EVERYTHING-but-raptors-machine. IE not be able to roadkill crouched people, even when it crushes down. But besides that everything game wise is pretty perfect excluding UI.*cough*

What’s missing is … Nali Warcow!

But how, innociv, you ask, can you do better than Nali Warcow? It’s impossible to top! But UT3 needs to to sell 4, 5 million even copies!
Ah, I have the aswere..
The one thing greater than Warcows!
Nali Warmanatee!

Nali Warcow2

Don’t mess this one up Epic. You have 1 month to turn this from an A game, to a Legendary record smashing title!

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