Working out the Kinks…

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I’ve been suffering some persistent problems with my mouse lately. As you might expect, this has been kind of a damper on the enjoyment I get out of something like Unreal Tournament 3, as it depends a tad on your ability to aim accurately with a mouse. I’ve also been generally dissatisfied with the level of performance my machine has been giving me lately, so I figured it was time to start looking into upgrades.

I figure I’ll need at least a new mouse, some more RAM, and a new graphics card. That’s for starters, though I may need more than that. I ordered the RAM and installed it recently, and I’m happy to say my performance across the board has improved drastically. And oddly enough, my mouse problems cleared up. I guess I won’t be needing that new mouse after all? Either way, I’m really happy, and my Unreal Tournament 3 experience just got better by leaps and bounds. Having a partially functional mouse is extremely frustrating, but I suffered through it because I like the game so much — Now that I actually have decent control? Excellent. I went and won a few DeathMatch matches today on public servers, and I actually got my heart pumping with the action. Been awhile.

I guess while I’m talking about it, I should mention that I actually ran across a modified demo server already — Unfortunately I didn’t catch the IP address or the name, except I know it’s a clan server with tags {*X*}, with * being a single-character wildcard. I don’t know exactly what they did with the settings, but it felt like it was running at 150% gamespeed with low gravity, and was running Heat Ray in a loop. That was great fun, and anyone who misses the Unreal Tournament 2004 mobility should love it.

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