Unreal Tournament 3 Demo


Update: And we’ve got unlocked versions coming in from non-FilePlanet sources. Click here for the unlocked demo torrent.

Update 2: Still downloading myself, but this screen comes from someone who’s playing it right now.


It’s out*.

* For FilePlanet subscribers. It is not, however, “unlocked” yet. We can probably expect it’ll be unlocked between 9am and 6pm EST today.

As an aside, I really wish developers and publishers wouldn’t encourage FilePlanet’s scheming to fool gullible people into subscribing to their service. Obviously Epic/Midway want there to be a simultaneous release of the demo on all of these download sites, but FilePlanet gets around this in a roundabout way through the “unlocking” process. In the meantime, you’ve probably got hundreds to thousands of people fooled into thinking that they need to subscribe to FilePlanet to get the demo at all. I usually don’t have much sympathy for people that dumb, but FilePlanet goes out of its way to try and trick people to subscribing at every opportunity. They really leave a bad taste in my mouth, and it’d please me greatly if they got snubbed by game companies until they cleaned up their act.

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  1. Billy Flenning

    Incredible review. Jesus that was so good. I have yet played it but going to now after reading this. I have been stuck on UT99 for so long. Finally they caught my attention. Time to move on. Thanks for sharing

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