The End of CRPGs

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So, apparently Electronic Arts has bought Bioware and Pandemic studios.

On the tail of this news comes a few more revelations about Bioware’s long-awaited Mass Effect. The title has apparently been renamed Mass Effect 2008. A bit of new information has been released about the main character as well: In order to provide a stronger, more story-driven experience, the developer has decided to give the main character a stronger personality and a more defined look, moving away from prior moves towards allowing players to be forced to “choose” appearance features of the main character. The new main character is a doddering old sports figure with a penchant for stating the obvious. His name has been released as John Naddem.

It’s also been revealed that the much-hyped story has been revamped for modern gaming audiences. Whereas previously, Mass Effect was slated to feature a grim story about a horde of alien robots descending on the galaxy to wipe out all sentient life, today it was revealed that, in fact, these alien robots are divided into 32 factions, or “teams” that will fight a ritualized combat to be declared the “champions” of the universe. A Bioware representative said regarding the change, “[It] is geared towards providing a more uplifting story of overcoming adversity for all our audiences. This move will also give us the freedom to allow those who have enjoyed the experience of Mass Effect 2008 to revisit the franchise in subsequent years with marginal upgrades and updated team rosters.”

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