Defense of the Ancients

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I finally did it. I reinstalled Warcraft III.

Lately I’ve been having a craving to play some Defense of the Ancients, but going through the hassle of reinstalling the game just to scratch that itch seemed a little much. A few years ago I used to be a second-tier Defense of the Ancients player, better than pretty much any public players (although, honestly, this doesn’t say much) but not dedicated enough to the competitive community to bother with clans and leagues. This, of course, was the original Defense of the Ancients by Eul, not the Frozen Throne Version Defense of the Ancients: Allstars, which was actually a rip-off of the original by a guy named Guinsoo.

Anyway, once I got the WC3 expansion I moved over to DotA: Allstars, since it was basically impossible to find a game of the original anymore. Although the hero balance is out the window, with many characters having ultimate skills that are essentially – “Kill one opponent, then insult his sexual orientation,” and [in public matches, anyway] the game rewards what I consider poor playing — Sitting in your base, waiting for your opponents to attack you and gaining money by killing their creeps while your opponents must worry about your base defenses attacking them, or overextending themselves if they are to gain any money. It’s also pretty easy on penalizing character deaths, and over the top on rewarding killing other heroes.

It’s a fun little diversion, though, and it’s been so long since I played it that I’m getting at least some sense of freshness. Playing Guild Wars and Unreal Tournament has gotten a little stale for me lately, so it’s probably good for a break. The one major thing I wasn’t prepared for was going back to Battle.Net … Somehow, Battle.Net manages to be like the cesspool of the internet. Not only are the custom game lists now riddled with spam (people create “games” with titles like “Visit my !!!” and use auto-refreshing programs to keep their games listed), but the general demeanor of people on Warcraft 3 is just shockingly harsh. From being kicked from games because the host is a jerk, to being insulted in every way imaginable for your play choices, it’s kind of shocking — Particularly because I play FPS games regularly, and I’d expect to get more harshly insulted in those.

Good for building up your iSkin, though. Guess mine had gotten a little thin.

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