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Two days ago half the gamers in the world were expecting the Second Coming, but by now a huge number of them are realizing they’ll have to wait it out on Earth. I talked to no less than five of my friends two evenings ago, and all of whom reported that they’d downloaded the BioShock demo … only to find out that it only runs on cards that support Shader Model 3. Whoops.

I haven’t been following BioShock too closely, but my general expectations have been along the lines of, “This game is going to be amazing. Too bad my computer won’t be able to handle it until I upgrade.” By then everyone who cares what games I’m playing will have stopped caring about BioShock and be obsessed with the latest game du jour and I’ll be content to play a game that’s a little old, as usual.

Anyway, I only know one person who’s managed to get it working. On their XBox360. I actually had a lengthy conversation with one of my friends as he browsed the developer’s website looking for information on the required specifications for the game and failed to find them entirely. He had to resort to going to an online retailer to find the recommended specifications.

It’s kind of disappointing to me not to be able to play the game right now, but I’m patient. I wonder how many of the game’s impulsive, game-of-the-moment fans are going to bother with it now after realizing their cards can’t even run the game? And what was Irrational Games thinking only supporting Shader Model 3? Sure, the graphics are a draw. But the gameplay and story are what should be taking precedence. Right now, the bar for the graphics is just so high that many people can’t even get to that.

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