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Yesterday I was talking to one of my Pen and Paper gaming friends and he, for whatever reason, loaded up the Wizards of the Coast website. When he did, he was greeted with a little countdown to 4DVENTURE, which we immediately guessed was an announcement for 4th Edition.

I’m not entirely sure yet, but there are a few articles so far claiming that Wizards is coming out with 4th Edition next year. Although I’ve been expecting 4th Edition for awhile, I’m kind of surprised at how this announcement is being done. I’d actually expect to hear about playtesting accounts or design goals from the designers before we get a deadline for release.

I already outlined what’d make me buy the new system, but after looking over Star Wars Saga Edition a few weeks ago, I don’t think it’s going to live up to my expectations. Well, either way, we both agreed that we’d probably be sticking with 3.5 for some time to come (or move to something homebrew / true20 / etc.).

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  1. What can I say? There’s alot of expectation about 4e, however seems that Wizards doesn’t care much about the “classical fantasy” game. A wizard without spells should be what it was: A normal person with a lot of knowledge, that’s the price of having powerful arcane powers. What is a warlord if not a high-level charismatic fighter? The new concept design has shown that many weapons are going to be MMORPG-like, something very sad. I hope that things like spiked chain and hadouken-feats don’t show up anymore, although doubts runs about this…

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