Regulating Blog Output

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Shamus writes about the fundamental Blogging Paradox — When you’re doing things that you want to write about, often you don’t have time to write about them. When you’re not, you have nothing to write about. From there he asks if anyone else has trouble “regulating blog output.”

I really like that phrase, and I think that’s pretty apt for me. I most definitely have trouble regulating blog output. Two months ago I was so busy that I simply didn’t have time for more than the occasional post, and now that I have more time I’m throwing it into catching up on all the things I didn’t have time to do while in crunch mode.

Another factor in posting is topicality and variety. I generally try to keep this blog with some sort of vague focus on technology, games, and things of that nature, and so a lot of the things I could blog on I might not. Then there’s variety — I could probably easily fill up this blog with posts about my thoughts on what I might want to do with D&D or any number of other hobbies. But I feel like I’d rather not have so many posts in a row on the same subject matter, especially given that usually means my thoughts won’t be completely hashed out on the matter. I get the impression lately that I tend to be moving towards longer posts, rather than short and snappy, which is both good and bad — Hopefully I can find some happy medium for both, as writing a really long post isn’t something I can do on a day-to-day or every-other-day basis.

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