Screenshots from Guild Wars: Eye of the North

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I’ve been feeling a little bit burnt out since I finished my last project for work, so I’ve been spending more time than usual sitting around and watching TV. It’s kind of sad when you’re too burnt out to want to play any games. Guild Wars, in particular, is a mixed bag for me, because I want to earn titles in the game — But I also think that the imperative to earn titles is making me less inclined to play. Needing to completely explore each area as I come to it is a big impediment to casual questing unless I’ve already explored the areas I might need to visit.

Guild Wars: Eye of the North is coming up on a release soon (I’ve heard as early as next month, or the month after), and so I need to decide whether I’m going to reconsider my playstyle decisions or not. I can see how my decisions in pursuing titles have caused me to lose out on some casual play, but at the same time, I feel like the lack of social interaction since the introduction of Heroes is a much more significant factor. Hard Mode, for example, was introduced a few months ago and I really enjoy the extra challenge it provides. However, I haven’t been able to complete it thus far because there simply aren’t enough humans in some of the obscure missions, or enough good players in some of the hardest missions, for me to complete it.

Either way, I’m looking forward to GW:EN. It’s a true expansion pack, meaning you need to own one of the previous Guild Wars campaigns. But it’s also not going to have any new classes, something which I am very happy for — Instead of trying to carve out a new niche for two new classes, it means the existing classes will get more and more varied skills. It’s also going to have a full campaign, new heroes, new titles, new games, items, armor, appearances, and all of the things that I care about as a PvE player. I found a couple of screenshots, shown below, which show off some of the new heroes, monsters, and armors. I’m really in love with the Mesmer fur-trimmed outfit and hairstyle in the third picture.




Update: Added the Guild Wars: Eye of the North trailer below. High-resolution downloadable version here (wmv format).

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