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Apparently, some clever people managed to figure out how to mod their own Guild Wars datafiles. Although this is somewhat old news, as things like the hoax Terror Shield item demonstrated it could be done in 2005, there seems to be a newfound popularity for editing your own game data files of late. There’s a 30-some-odd page thread on GuildWarsGuru about it, and in roughly half a month several interesting User Interface mods have become available, not to mention innumerable other minor changes (like changing the textures on existing items).

A couple of minor examples:


This image above shows a user modification to the “Critical Hit” effect. A bit cartoonish and over the top, but you’ll always know when you critical.

Below we have a series of images showing alterations to the “wings” effect caused by certain Paragon skills. Normally these wings are gold, but people have modified the texture to display new colorations.



And then there’s the full User Interface reskins, like the one below.


Although it’s just texture replacement, some people have done some interesting things, such as add area-of-effect spell range indicators to the compass (seen above) or add indicators on the health bar for when you drop below major intervals (75%, 50%, 25%, etc).

Of course, for me, the major feature that makes me interested is the ability to reskin the “fog” on unexplored areas of the world map. I haven’t been playing Guild Wars all that much recently, but I would like to get the Cartographer titles eventually, and if I could reskin the fog with a red color (this has already been done) then it should be fairly simple to find unexplored areas of the map to attain 100% map completion.

Then the question becomes, do I want to mess with my Guild Wars files? And do I trust the people doing this sort of thing?

Another thing to mull over.

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