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I figure I may as well mention, for anyone who may not have already noticed, that I’ve went ahead and added AdSense to the site. I haven’t had much time at all to dedicate to tweaking things to work with my current WordPress theme (K2), which means what you’re seeing now is liable to change at some undisclosed point in the future. K2 seems particularly persnickety when it comes to adding in AdSense, as the nature of the thing is to have a completely modular sidebar without needing to fiddle around in WordPress’ code (ie, “The Loop). AdSense, on the other hand, pretty much instructs you to copy and paste the code into the desired spot in WordPress’ “Loop” where you want the ad-block to appear. That the two agendas are in contradiction means I’ll have to sit down one of these days and really figure out what K2 is doing and how I can incorporate AdSense into that in the way that I want.

As for reasoning: Well, not that I expect to make any money off the ads in the first place, but I figure I may as well try to recoup some of my hosting costs for this site. They’re not substantial, and I’m not in any real danger of needing to update to a more expensive or robust hosting plan, but what the heck? I don’t really plan on being a Steve Pavlina, or any of those other AdSense/SEO /Self-Help hucksters out there, so it’s unlikely I’ll ever decide to do anything more with AdSense than have them sit unobtrusively in the bottom of my sidebar.

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