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The other day I was tossing around ideas in my head and I was wondering why there isn’t a top-level domain of .blog? I mean, consider how many millions of blogs there are, and how many millions more there will be in another few years. Then look at some of the existing TLDs with far more esoteric purposes — .museum? .pro*? .travel? C’mon.

I’m not going to argue on principle that every endeavor that’s big or popular enough should have its own TLD, but I do think it might be a good idea in this case. We’ve got a whole subset of internet sites sharing nearly identical formats and modus operandi. Visiting a site called Chances are, it’s a blog. The intuitiveness and transparency is pretty appealing to me. Considering that we’ve already got Google trying to filter out blogs and blogspam from general searches, it’d certainly help with that endeavor.

Anyway, just an idea that I’m tossing out there. Remember, you heard it here first.

*An aside: How many gaming-related people and companies would love a .pro domain name, but can’t get one because it’s restricted to distinctly non-pro people? Disappointing!

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  1. A company by the name of Driven Innovations, Inc. has applied for a trademark of the .blog top level domain back in December, 2006. It is a great idea and I hope that they are able to get approval from ICANN.

  2. Interesting, I hadn’t known that. Agreed, I’d like to see this happen.

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