Final Fantasy XII: Part 2, Complications

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I’ve made some substantial progress in Final Fantasy 12, although I did manage to hit a big roadbump along the way. A couple of days ago I had some time to spare and picked up the game for a little while. This was around the point in the game when Vaan teams up with Penelo before the big “fete” (feast).

It’s actually kind of interesting to me to see how I’m playing this game, because a lot of the habits I seem to have picked up come straight from Guild Wars. For example, I’m very completionist when it comes to exploring maps — I generally won’t move on from one map area until I’ve completely explored it. I use the same “wall-hugging” strategy that I use in Guild Wars, even though it’s largely unnecessary in FF12 because the overhead map is so lenient.

In any case, the major roadbump I hit was that I sat down to play the game … And everything was going fine until I attempted to check my licenses. Triangle. Triangle. Triangle. Nothing. This was around the same time that I first acquired and used Libra, so at first I thought this might be a fairly asinine drawback to using Libra. As it turns out, it wasn’t, the controller had half-died on me and I wasn’t able to bring up the status screen or use target lock (L2).

I managed to do a few areas like this, but overall it proved way too frustrating to try and play the game without being able to check licenses or equipment or inventory, so I had to put it aside until I bought another controller. I’ve made some substantial progress since then, but that’s another post or two by itself…

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