Final Fantasy XII: First Thoughts

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To hop on the bandwagon, I actually got a copy of Final Fantasy XII last week. I haven’t made much progress in the game though, due to other obligations. Currently I’m sitting at ~5 hours of game time all week, and most of that has been me sitting down for an hour, whacking some monsters, and saving.

I don’t know how much I’ll blog about this game, but I may as well record my thoughts thus far: The opening cinematic had me sitting down and watching for so long it was quite absurd. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the cinematics, but I was mostly in the mood for sitting down with the controller and destroying some monsters for an hour, not on getting involved in a story and playing for the rest of the day. All told it felt like half an hour on cinematics and story setup, and I was getting a definite “Star Wars” vibe from the masses of cloned troops and fantastic flying machines zipping around the skies.

I will say that I think the way that they introduced the tutorial sequence was quite good. It was sensible and well executed, though due to my personal desire not to spend much time playing the game I was getting a bit frustrated every time I had to listen to some spiel about this or that game mechanic — I’ve played enough Final Fantasy games that all of this was intuitive for me, though I can understand that people who might not have my experience would need something like that.

Finally, after what seemed like an hour in, I got control of the main character. I ran around town for a little bit then saved the game. So far I haven’t been progressing the storyline much, but I have managed to see the speech that Vayne(?) gives. Seems like an interesting character, though you can pretty much tell from his luxuriant hair that he’s going to be the villain. He at least seems to be somewhat nuanced, so I’m curious what his motivations are.

More later…

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