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Wow, it’s been over a week since my last update? I’ve been kicking my tail with work all week and crossing my fingers that my home computer, which has tons of critical data on it, won’t die.

I’ve got a major backlog of posts that I haven’t gotten around to writing. Way too many Hordes battle reports with my army from over the past three weeks, amongst television, movies, gaming, and other things.

For the time being, since I’m spending pretty much all my waking hours working, I’ve been having a pretty good time listening to various podcasts. Shamus was on Fear the Boot two weeks ago and I’ve been having a good time listening to the guys on that ‘cast banter back and forth — humorous and thoughtful.

Along with that I’ve been listening to Fell Calls, a podcast about the Iron Kingdoms (which is the setting for Warmachine / Hordes tabletop wargames). Fell Calls really scratches my obsessive-compulsive desire to learn everything about the Iron Kingdoms due to my interest in Hordes.

And then there’s always the D&D Podcast with Mike Mearls and Dave Noonan. The latest one focuses on “Magic Items” or as it’s more colloquially known — loot.

Probably not going to have too much free time for the blog in the next few weeks, but hopefully that should mean situation normal, since I’m always pressed for time.

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