Greek Artwork

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I mentioned earlier that I was thinking about drawing on the Greek Olympians to try and bolster the familiarity and background of my campaign setting without putting a big onus on players to learn significant amounts of new background material.

Although I haven’t decided whether I’m ultimately going to follow through on that, tapping the resources of the internet for religious artwork seemed like a damned good idea on its own. After all, I don’t have time to sit down and draw all of this material, and even if I did it’s unlikely I could “get” the unusual mix of stylization and lack of sophistication that much early religious artwork has. It’d end up looking either badly done or badly imitative.


I did some searching around and came across this amazing site called Theoi. There’s a huge amount of Greek artwork there, mostly vases but also mosiacs and statues and paintings. All in all, an amazing resource. It took a bit of rummaging, but I was able to download their entire collection and I am reposting it here as a result. Filesize is around 80MB total, and be forewarned I didn’t do significant sorting. It’d be better if these were high-resolution images, but I really have no right to complain.

Download here.

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