Battle Report 2: Circle vs. Khador


My Army:

Circle Orboros
Kaya the Wildborne
Warpwolf, Heavy Warbeast x 2
Argus, Light Warbeast x 2
Total Points: ~380

The Butcher of Khardov
Kodiak, Heavy Warjack
Marauder, Heavy Warjack
Battle Mechanik Crew, Unit of 4
Widowmakers, Unit
Manhunter, Solo

Turn 1:
My Activation:

All of my units run up the board 12 to 14 inches. My units end their movement roughly 6″ from a forest where the enemy deployed his advance-deployment units (Widowmakers, Manhunter). The enemy is to my left, and both of my Warpwolves are positioned on my left. Kaya is positioned behind one Warpwolf, using his great size to block line of sight. My Argus are slightly ahead of the rest of the army and on my right side.

Enemy Activation:

The Widowmakers fire upon one of my Argus, and the Widowmaker emerges from the forest in a charge towards the same Argus. The Argus is severely wounded though not dead. The rest of the Khador force, the two Warjacks, the Warcaster, and the mechanik unit, position themselves besides the woods, getting into position to attack next turn.

Turn 2:
My Activation:

With the Widowmakers firing at me from the forest (meaning I couldn’t charge them with any of my Warbeasts), and the rest of the Khador battlegroup positioning itself to charge next turn, I decided that I may as well throw myself all-in. Either I’d cause enough damage to disrupt the Khador’s plans or they’d be on me next turn, grinding my rather-fragile forces into the ground.

My first Warpwolf charged one of the Khador warjacks. With a MAT of 6 on the Warpwolf and a defense of 10 on the Khador warjack, hitting is extremely easy. However, with 20 Armor, it’s not easy to deal lots of damage to the Warjacks. No matter — I got in both of my Warpwolf’s claw attacks and then followed up with the throat-ripper chain attack, knocking the enemy warjack down. I then poured a fury or two into an additional attack.

The enemy warjack was crippled but the battle mechaniks might repair it on the next turn — I didn’t want to leave anything left for them to repair. I threw my second Warpwolf at the downed Warjack and reduced it to a hunk of scrap metal. I followed up with a Baying of Chaos animus, attempting to disrupt the battle mechaniks and the widowmakers in the nearby forest. Unfortunately, neither was intimidated — But they should’ve been!

My damaged Argus counterattacked against the Manhunter and, despite his wounds, managed to take down the Manhunter with a combo-bite. My second Argus attempted to use his doppler bark on the Widowmakers, but their formidable cover bonuses defeated the Argus’ poor ranged attack ability.

The only thing I had left to try to deal with the Widowmakers was Kaya. Since she is a Pathfinder, I had her charge right into the midst of the enemy snipers. With her 2″ reach I was able to hit all of them from one position. Four attacks later and the Widowmakers were worm food.

Enemy Activation:

Things were looking pretty grim for Khador at this point. His only remaining units were a single heavy warjack, a unit of mechaniks, and the Butcher of Khardov. Although I wasn’t terribly worried about the situation, I knew that both of my heavy units would be tied up in combat next turn. Would I have enough of an army left standing after the enemy pummeled me to pull out a win?

The Khador warjack moved in on Warpwolf #1. He did a moderate amount of damage, but nothing disabling. I was confident that with another turn my Warpwolf could disable this warjack.

The Butcher was enraged. He used his feat, some kind of buff spell, and generally speaking made himself hellaciously deadly. At something like P+S 20, and thus automatically doing at least 4 damage to a Warpwolf, I was seriously frightened and awed by his melee prowess. He moved up and attacked my Warpwolf #2, doing something like 4+5d6 damage to the Warpwolf, nearly killing it outright.

Turn 3:
My Activation:

It was clear that this turn was going to determine who won or lost the game. Getting the easy stuff out of the way first, I had my Warpwolf #1, who was engaged with the enemy warjack, pummel him into the ground with two attacks and a throat-ripper. Although this didn’t destroy the enemy jack, it was unlikely he’d be a serious threat in the future with one of his arms destroyed.

My Warpwolf #2 used his regeneration twice (rules flub!) to restore a few hitpoints to his disabled life spirals. He then struck back against the Butcher, but mostly only did a few points of damage. The Butcher scoffed at the gigantic warbeast.

Neither Argus was in a position to get to the Butcher, but Kaya, being a Pathfinder, could move directly through the forests to him. Emerging from the woods, she attacked the Butcher from behind … A critical hit! Amazingly enough, I managed to get a critical on my first roll. Kaya’s staff, Splinter, has a knockdown effect on criticals which meant that the Butcher’s high defense would be entirely negated. Thereafter she began pummeling the downed man until he was down for good, though it took all of her fury and her feat as well.

Victory number 2. Surprisingly, considering I was playing an experienced player. I guess he wasn’t ready for the speed and hitting power of my army.

2 Responses

  1. It’s interesting that the Butcher used no spells at all during the combat. Experienced player? I think not.

    Nice battle report none the less.

  2. Well, there’s always two sides to consider:

    What my opponent did.
    And what I remember.

    Given this was my first time playing him, I had no idea of his spells or anything along those lines. So what he was doing was pretty much lost on me.

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