Guild Wars: Computerfall

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So, as you might’ve been able to tell, things have been a tad busy over here of late. For the time being, though, I’ve hit a little bit of a lull in work and other obligations.

A lot of really nice updates have hit Guild Wars recently: ArenaNet finally increased storage, and dramatically. Every campaign you own added another “storage tab” with as much storage as you previously had in total. A huge benefit to me, as I’m always overloaded with extra items. Last week we also saw the introduction of “Hard Mode” — It’s pretty self-explanatory, but it promises nice rewards for those who participate. Not to mention various other updates to skills, item drops, and titles that were rolled into effect simultaneously with Hard mode.

Either way, I felt like I might want to spend an hour or two running around Guild Wars, exploring, completing missions, and generally relaxing. So I started up the game, waited for all the updates to download, got my bearings, then went about my business. I started exploring an area … And died. My party wiped out and I went to go try again.

Now, one thing to keep in mind is that I generally don’t like to wipe out and start over on an area that I’m exploring. My exploration process is pretty systematic and I like to see every step that I’ve taken in an area plotted out if I can at all help it. So I loaded up on as many henchmen as I could take and ventured out again. Things were looking good for the first fifteen or so minutes … I managed to clear most of the entire map. And then my computer crashed.

I restarted my computer, logged in to Guild Wars, and fortunately only a few minutes had passed — Around Christmas ArenaNet rolled in a feature that allows you to reconnect to an instance you were in if you happen to disconnect. So I logged in to the previous instance I was in and continued clearing the area — Unfortunately, all of my previous map-progress was lost, and this irritated me, but at least I was back where I had been.

I cleared the entire area … And then my computer crashed. I restarted, logged in, continued on. A fluke, right? Won’t happen three times, right? Wrong. Ten minutes later another crash. I tried this about five times and I can’t accept that this many crashes in the space of an hour or so is a fluke.

Each time I managed to get into the game just enough to hit my stride and then all of a sudden the game freezes. My sound card stutters madly. My mouse does nothing, my computer doesn’t respond at all. It’s all very irritating. Since I haven’t changed anything significant on my computer I have a hard time believing it’s anything other than the latest patches to the game. That, too, irritates me. I read the patch list, I get excited for everything I see only to have it denied to me, and worse, denied by the very patch itself.

Oh well. I suppose I’ll wait around until the next patch rolls around and then maybe I’ll be able to play the game again for periods longer than ten minutes.

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