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So, following Shamus’ lead, I went ahead and installed Peter’s Anti-Spam Captcha, and disabled some other anti-spam measures. Lets see how this works out over the next couple of days.

For the time being the security word is set to be “human,” and I went ahead and edited the text to indicate this as well (in case the image bit stops working or you’re blind, etc.). I’m betting that even the most basic reading comprehension is a far harder task for spambots than read-and-regurgitate OCR, so I doubt this will impact the security of my captcha. If you’re a non-spamming, non-human visitor to the site — Welcome! And, I suppose, sorry for automatically assuming that my website would only be interesting to humans.

Update: So far things have been going well. The Captcha has dramatically reduced my amount of spam. Unfortunately it hasn’t cut it down to nothing. I’m getting probably 1/10th of the amount of spam as I was before, though. One good thing is that most of the spam that is getting through seems to be from the same spammer (at least from the format and what it’s promoting). The most annoying spam, the hundreds-of-lines-long messages with hundreds of links contained within them are being blocked — When I see those in my Akismet queue I usually just delete the whole queue without bothering to check the others. The ones that’ve been getting through right now are one-line spams that I can skim for legitimate comments and delete without any anxiety.

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