Guild Wars World Map


I ran across this image while browsing Guild Wars forums the other day. It’s pretty neat, so I figured I may as well post it.

Guild Wars World Map

Although the image appears to be fan-made (see the small text in the bottom), I think it gives a pretty good estimate of where the various areas of the separate Guild Wars campaigns are in relation to each other. Wish I had time to make such a detailed world map for my own D&D campaigns…

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  1. BeckoningChasm

    Fan-made or not, that is one gorgeous piece of artwork.

  2. Wow what detail this is surreal where ca i find someone to do a map like this for my world? I am a ralitive new DM I have only started to conquor the 2nd and 3rd edit and need all the help i can get. send maps to subject re:Anavrin. cheers


  3. this is fan made, you can tell because of the fact that the bone palace is not in the location where it should be, which is south of the crystal desert. the canyons which the Bone palace overlook would never connect to the valleys which they join into. Elona when compared to Tyria is the size of india when compared to asia (it is much larger in game because if it was only the size of india, it would take a matter of hours to clear instead of days and weeks)

    the battle isles are not in the location they should be in, which is the bay north of the shattered remains of Orr and south of Lion’s arch
    the continents are not to scale in game, larger continents will get scaled down and smaller continents will get scaled up to give similar traversal times to them

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