Switching and Keeping Allegiances

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My discontent with Battlestar Galactica has been growing for some time now, and ever since the season finale I’ve been mulling whether I want to continue watching the show. You see, Battlestar Galactica right now is rather odd — It’s got great acting, cinematography, and is overall a damned intense, dramatic show.

The thing is, I don’t care.

It started in the second half of season 2. We started having episodes where things that happened off-screen, presumably in prior episodes, became important features of current episodes. Episodes began to be pulled by these invisible strings, and though they certainly twisted each character into tangled positions, their struggles something that I could empathize with, the arbitrariness of it all began to put me off. This continued with Season 3. We got no answers to any of the questions. Why did the Cylons wipe out all of the humans at the start of season 1 and then decide at the end of season 2 they wanted to live in peace? If the Cylons really wanted to live in peace with the humans, as they claim, why put people in death camps? These are big questions, huge questions, but we never know. We just got more twists, more questions, less coherency.

Starbuck dies in some meaningless way only to return two episodes later. Arabic renditions of Dylan music plays through space. Important and unimportant characters are presumably revealed to be Cylons. Who knows what it all means? More importantly, who cares? I thought this show was going to avoid the pitfall of American TV, the aimless wandering with all the pointless plot-stretching, but I was wrong.

Anyway, as I indicated in a previous comment, I’m pretty much deciding not to care anymore. This does kind of leave me with a gap in my passive recreational activities, though. I’ve probably seen every Star Trek: The Next Generation episode and don’t care to watch many again. Heroes is on hiatus until April 23rd, and even then it’s probably only going to come back for maybe four episodes before the season ends and there’s a six-month drought. So I’m kind of looking for something that I can watch when I just want to sit down and relax.


Enter Andromeda.

I remember a long time ago when this show was on the air getting the impression that it was pretty much Hercules: The Legendary Journeys … in Space! I have to say, though, my TiVo has occasionally been picking up episodes of the show and I’ve ended up watching a few and being pleasantly surprised.

What I’ve watched isn’t anything spectacular. It’s pretty standard-fare space-opera with a few interesting twists here and there: One being Lexa Doig, who is definitely worth watching even if she is a sort of generic beauty, and the other being the Tyr Anasazi character ,whose whole ‘Nietzschean’ angle intrigues me. Even if it doesn’t end up having critical acclaim or supposed parallels to contemporary events or great acting and drama, what it does have so far from what I can tell is good old-fashioned storytelling.

I find it kind of funny, actually, how earlier today I come across this post by Shamus on Steven Den Beste’s impromptu manifesto against our cultural elites … And all throughout writing this I’m thinking of Michael Blowhardian themes of “our elites have turned against us” and “Why does the lit-world care all about the writin’ and none about the good-old craftsmanship of storytelling?”

Ah, well, good company I guess.

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