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Recently one of the guys in my group has gone ahead and converted one of the rooms in his house into a full-fledged gaming room. He’s got a nice big table, lots of scenery, bookshelves for rulebooks, seating, a basic sound system … In other words, everything you need to game without distractions.

Lately the guys in the group seem to have been getting interested in the Warmachine / Hordes tabletop miniatures game by Privateer Press. I’m the only person in the group who doesn’t play Warhammer, but since everyone seems to be going through an exodus from Warhammer to Warmachine, I figure I may as well join in. I’m not usually one to get into these tabletop miniatures games, but a couple of things appeal to me…

1. Warmachine/Hordes are playable with a minimum of investment. Buy a starter box for $30 and you can play the game. You’re probably looking at $100 for a flexible army list, but that’s really nothing compared to the thousands of dollars it can cost to purchase a Warhammer army.
2. Warmachine/Hordes are focused, generally, on low-unit-count confrontations. Since I like to customize my miniatures and develop stories for them, it really appeals to have every unit be meaningful for more than cannon-fodder purposes.
3. The Privateer Press miniatures lines are really nice. Not every unit appeals to me, but the ones that do are typically excellent. All the models are pewter which is great for painting and durability.


I went ahead and bought a starter box for The Circle Orboros, a faction in the “Hordes” line of Warmachine/Hordes miniatures. The Circle’s aesthetic is probably the most consistently appealing to me and probably the most potentially useful for future D&D campaigns as well. Wolves and dogs and mysterious cloaked, druidic looking figures are pretty good staples for any D&D campaign. I also really like a lot of the Skorne units (From Hordes) for their heavily-armored aesthetic, or the majority of the pirate-themed Mercenaries (from Warmachine), but Circle overall wins out for me.

One of the things that doesn’t appeal to me about the Circle is the Woldwarden and Woldwatcher units… These are basically giant constructs made from stone. I’m not, generally speaking, big on constructs or robots (otherwise I would’ve run a Warmachine army instead of a Hordes one), so that aspect of the Circle doesn’t appeal to me. On the other hand, I’m thinking that perhaps I can purchase some Treant units from another miniatures line and field the treants as Woldwarden/watcher units — That’d be pretty neat. I know I’m already going to be making some customized Standing Stone units from quartz crystal…

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