Battlestar Galactica Season Finale


Why am I still watching this show?


So the preview of this episode from last week had a flash of images and a voice-over of a character saying, “That’s it, we’re Cylons.”

I don’t know if the season finale really revealed the final five Cylons (it’s debateable, since none of them killed themselves to find out) but it’s strongly hinting that Tigh, Tyrol, Anders, and Tori (Roslyn’s assistant) are Cylons. The last Cylon model is kind of left up in the air, and it may be Starbuck, it may be Baltar, it may even be Roslyn. Who knows.

The episode started off pretty poorly. Season 3 has been better than season 2 by far, but most of the episodes in season 3 have felt like cheap imitations of season 1. The escape from New Caprica is emotionally of similar weight to the Cylon attack on the colonies. I actually liked the episode where Tyrol and Calli were trapped in a damaged part of the ship, but I have to say that it was nowhere near as good as, say, Kara being stranded on the red moon. The season 3 finale with Lee “turning against his father” in order to serve as Baltar’s defense is thematically the same as when Lee defected from his father in order to support Roslyn. The trouble is it’s just not as good.

Fine, we want to establish Lee is this idealistic character willing to stand up to his father. Frankly, though, it’s hard as hell for me to believe that Lee would defend Baltar. If you want to stand up for truth and justice and all that — The first thing you have to do is make sure you’re not standing up for a lie. Baltar has always been a shifty character and there are a plethora of reasons to believe he was a traitor. When Gaeta took the stand and testified about seeing Baltar sign the death warrants, there’d be no reason for Lee to believe Baltar. In fact, any reasonable person would believe that pretty much everything out of Baltar’s mouth is a lie, either meant to save his own skin or manipulate the other person.

So eventually Lee takes the stand (however that is) and gives a pathetic speech about this-and-that. The writers try to bring up past events, “I destroyed a civilian freighter [that was likely carrying a Cylon tracking device],” “I defected to support Laura Roslyn,” yadda yadda. Frankly, I thought it was laughable. There’s not enough evidence to convict Gaius Baltar of treason against humanity? How about this: Gaius Baltar was given a nuclear warhead as part of his research to develop a Cylon detector. That nuclear warhead went missing and then a few days later a nuclear explosion blew up one of the largest ships in the fleet. I’m sorry, but I think that kind of qualifies as mass-murder and treason.

So anyway, Baltar is acquitted. I knew it had to happen, but it was hokey and pure contrivance. Meanwhile we’ve got these other characters (Tigh, Tori, Anders, Tyrol) who are hearing this sort of arabic rendition of “All Along the Watchtower.” We have Tigh acting crazy and demented as usual, Tyrol kind of bemusedly wandering the ship, and Anders and Tori are making out while the music plays. Guess Anders didn’t care that much about Starbuck, two episodes later he’s on the prowl again.

Then we’ve got Roslyn having unexplained shared visions with Athena and the captive Six. They are in an opera house, being watched over by five figures in glowing white robes… The four characters who are hearing the music all meet in one place and conclude, “We’re all Cylons!” The fleet jumps into a nebula, suffers a power outage and then Cylon baseships jump into view. By now the pseudo-operatic, pseudo-arabic “All Along the Watchtower” is twanging in the background. Lee puts back on his uniform and jumps into a Viper to fight the Cylons that he knows must be coming. He sees something on his radar, but then it disappears. A ship swoops into view and it’s, predictably and cheesily, Starbuck. She says, “I’ve been to Earth and I’m going to show you the way.”

What the hell?

I guess on a positive note, I had a dream a few weeks back about where this show was heading and I feel like it’s coming true.

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  1. I give up on B.G., I think.

    I saw all of the episodes on ITunes, and I easily put up with the hassle of having to reboot my PC to be able to run ITunes with minimal video choppiness beause I liked this show so much: Having to do everything from shutting down Apache server to even going into the processes tab in the task manager to commit genocide on everything that didn’t look absolutely necessary to keep the pc running and operational.

    But back to B.G., why the hell didn’t these four new conveniently provided Cylons get sick from the Cylon disease several episodes back, where they boarded that cylon ship ?? They’re Cylons after all. Hokiness to the Nth degree.

  2. I’m pretty much giving it up as well. Waiting until 2008 for the next episode is way too long for me continue to care about the show, especially given its decline of late. I’ll probably borrow all the episodes some day when they come out on DVD and watch it on a lazy Saturday or Sunday, but I’m not expecting anything satisfying for a resolution.

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