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I feel like I’m on a bit of a Guild Wars streak lately, but, well, actual news is hard to let pass without comment.

The latest issue of PC Gamer reveals some interesting news: Guild Wars will not be coming out with any further “campaigns” (but they will be coming out with “expansions”). This is pretty good news, in my opinion. Basically it means a couple of things:

1. That ArenaNet is now catering to their existing customer base with further releases rather than attempting to draw in new customers. Less focus on making “headlines” with fancy new attention-grabbing features and more focus on refining existing gameplay for a better experience overall is definitely good in my book.
2. That there won’t be any new professions in any upcoming expansion. Adding two new professions per “campaign” was getting ridiculous; It upset game balance on the PvP side a lot and a plethora of classes erodes the “role” any particular class might play in PvE as well.
3. The expansion will be less expensive than a full-fledged campaign would be. To be frank, paying $50 for an expansion (whether it’s called a campaign or not) is not something I am eager to do. I am much more willing to purchase a $30-40 product than a $50 one, especially given that I rarely have time to play games lately.

The summary of the article, cribbed from Guild Wars Guru:

General Intro Summary:

They are abandoning the Campaign format because it required them to reinvent GW completely for every chapter, and it began to feel ‘bloated’ to them. It’s also increased the tutorials and has created a barrier to new players entering the chapters. The Expansion increases the timeframe but allows them to do what they want to with the game, without worrying about new professions, or pre-lvl20 content. This is a new blueprint for a completely new game.

Eye of the north is a HOLIDAY 2007 RELEASE and is catered to exisiting players. It will required that you own at least one of the previous campaigns and is not considered a standalone. The developers listened to the community that 2 campaigns a year isn’t necessarily what people wanted, that many hadn’t finished a chapter before the new one was released.

A team will be assigned to support the current games with live contet still expected.

Guild Wars Expansion: Eye of the North Summary

Will cost less then other chapters with no new professions. 40 new armor sets, 150 new skills (including 50 pve only), 10 new heroes.

“Extend character development beyond level 20” ~James Phinney~

Underground complex of tunnels through all three ‘continents’ present thus far is revealed.

Three acts:

* Act 1 takes you through 18 underground dungeons to help the dwarves defend against ‘the fiery Destroyer’, eventually taking you to the Asura and Norns (races)
* Act 2 has three story arcs ranging from exploring the Norns, to the Charr homeland, to an Asura resistance of the Destroyer
* Act 3 pits you against the Great Destroyer

Far Shiverpeaks are Norn Lands, Charr homeland is north of ascalon, Asurans are near Maguuma, Tyrian catacombs stretch across the entire continent presumably


This is all well and good, but the big news is that ArenaNet is currently in development with Guild Wars 2. Intriguing. I’ll probably post more thoroughly on it later, but for now I’ll just repost the information from Guild Wars Guru that is known from the PC Gamer article.*

Guild Wars 2 Summary

There will be no option to migrate characters from Guild Wars 1 to Guild Wars 2. But you will be able to carry achievements forward through a Hall of Monuments. These are built via quests in Eye of the North and is only available in this chapter.

4 new Playable races:

* Sylvari
* Asuras
* Charr
* Norn

Hundreds of years later, in Tyria… sounds more of a race-reliant struggle.

Radical changes – overhauled environment and character control system, redefined PvP play and retooled NPC companion system.

Predominately open worlds, with instancing as a secondary feature in some areas (not positive on the interpretation). Hundreds of people in the same area, and choices that the population as a whole change the quest structure. PCG gave an example of choosing to rally against a dragon or not. Those that help, gain loot and xp. If the dragon isnt driven away, another ‘quest’ may trigger, leaving more options for the population. Very cool idea IMO.

I’ll just take the level cap stuff directly – “Events will also offer a way for players of different levels to keep interacting in the persistent world – which is crucial, since right now, ArenaNet is planning a very high [100-plus], or possibly no level cap”

Sidekicks simlar to CoH, allowing powers to seep from a high level character to a friendly lower level char.

‘Click to move’ will be abandoned in favor of a more freedom-rich control scheme, including ‘jumping, swimming, and sliding’

Destroyable environments?

Redefined PvP Summary

No real world limitations to servers. You pick a ‘world’, but can switch between the realms.

PvP World vs World combat sounds to be a massive scale capture the flag (AB style?) with no minimum or maximum party size. Big-ass raids that can supposedly take place for weeks on end. At the end, the ‘world’ will be reset, and it will start again it seems. More a casual version of PvP where you can pop in and out to perform various smaller tasks. Developers will reshuffle the teams into well-balanced match-ups every week or so.

GvG will still be present, as a more balanced form where everyone is on a level playing field.

Companions Summary

NPC like heros can join you (like a pet it sounds), and dont count towards your party. Not using this feature lets you be mroe powerful. Every player can bring a single companion on his adventure and won’t take up a slot.

I think I read somewhere in here that it will be mission-based, but I didn’t see it in my quick second-look.

Conclusion Summary

As of now, there will be no monthly fees, and no ‘campaigns’ for Guild Wars 2… mini-expansions, and expansions are hinted at.

Seems like a lot is still up in the air at this point, but it also seems like they’ve been listening to major criticisms of Guild Wars over the past couple of years and are looking to remedy them in the next iteration.

* Side Note: If you’re wondering why I’m not reposting the article itself in full, well, chalk it up to copyright paranoia and creeping tyranny. I don’t subscribe to PC Gamer, but you’d expect any self-respecting game fansite to scan the magazine and have it available within hours of becoming available, no? Someone asked on Guild Wars Guru why scans were not being hosted and ArenaNet’s community relations lady Gaile Gray chimed in:

The contents of the article is copyright. That means it is illegal for fansites to house scans of any part of the article.

We will release shots soon enough, but it would be inappropriate to, essentially, “steal” PC Gamer’s exclusive content by posting it on a fansite forum. Please don’t do that.

Which of course is absurd. I find it kind of sad that the major fansites are complying with this asinine request.

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