Elonian Explorations, Istani Interludes, Part 2

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As I think I established in my previous post, the island of Istan in Nightfall is pretty darn big. As such, I’m not going to bother posting all the screenshots I have of each area, just some of the better ones. One good thing about Nightfall that I’ve been noticing is that edge-running, the time-honored tactic of Cartographers and aspiring-Cartographers everywhere, seems to be less necessary. Basically this means I’m only going to provide the most gorgeous scenes from my travels, not every random cranny that might reveal a section of the map.

Stepping outside of Kamadan onto the Plains of Jarin, to be met with the impressive facade of the Sunspear great hall.

Outside the first city, with some nice greenery and so on.

Inside Fahranur, the first city…

In the heart of the city lurks a great horror that has been petrified…

Screenshots from the Mehtani Keys, your next vacation spot…

Screenshots from Zehlon Reach. I really love the green tones in this area, very lush and damp looking.

Last but not least, Lahtenda Bog, showing off some of the nice water reflection effects in the first shot and the Sunspear mausoleum in the second.

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