Elonian Explorations: Istani Interludes, Part 1

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It’s been awhile since I’ve done any Guild Wars mapping-slash-screenshots. Aside from just generally being really busy since about December, I’ve been trying to take my time going through Guild Wars: Nightfall. I’ve also been being pretty systematic in how I approach the game, an approach that is probably better for my completionist impulses but less conducive to blogging.

One of the frustrations of map exploration in the Prophecies campaign is simply that I’ve already explored most of the areas. I enjoy going through the areas and seeing all the beautiful surprises, but I don’t really like forcing myself to return, to wade through tons of enemies and attempt (and attempt is key, because it can quickly become difficult to progress if your build is geared towards running around exploring instead of fighting) to explore every nook and cranny. For the Nightfall (Elonian) campaign I decided that I was going to make every attempt to thoroughly explore each area as I entered it, and to have every area completely explored before entering a new one.

This isn’t always possible due to missions that may push you into a new area but block off access routes or give you a time limit or other potential restriction, but to the extent that it is possible I wanted to follow this guideline.

This first post deals with my progress through the so-called “Starter Island” of Nightfall. I’m going to be posting my map completion screenshots first for Guild Wars people who might be interested, and will follow up sometime later with the eyecandy and a bit of commentary.

Above: The Plains of Jarin, showing map completion percentage (includes all previous starter island areas, except the initial area inaccessible to characters from other continents)

Above: The Cliffs of Dohjok (map completion percentage also includes outposts accessible via the Plains of Jarin)

Above: Explorable area, Fahranur, the First City (percentage also includes Blacktide Den)

Above: Issnur Isles (includes Beknur Harbor)

Above: Mehtani Keys (includes Kodlonu Hamlet)

Above: Zehlon Reach (includes Jokanur Diggings)

Above: Lahtenda Bog

So my sum total for all of the areas of Istan was 21.5%.

After I had completed all of the quests and such available for me in Istan, I moved on to the final quest, the attack on Varesh’s forces with the rest of the Sunspears.

After fully exploring Varesh’s stronghold and Yohlon Haven I ended up with 23% total. That’s some starter island.

If I find myself inspired I may fiddle with some numbers and figure out the exact percentages for each explorable area.

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