Battlestar: WTF?

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Well, I just got around to watching last Sunday’s episode of Battlestar Galactica. I think my post title here accurately sums up my feelings on the subject.

Here be spoilers…

So Kara Thrace is dead. Or, more likely, “dead.”

What was the purpose of her death though? Is Starbuck a Cylon? Even though the metaknowledge that Starbuck is likely to come back implies that she is, how does that reconcile with, you know, having parents and the other general signs that she’s a human? And if she’s human are we supposed to follow that Starbuck is some kind of Christ figure?

The options seem to be:

  • Starbuck ejected (Unlikely)
  • Starbuck is a Cylon (Unlikely)
  • Starbuck is a Christ figure (Unlikely)
  • Starbuck really is dead (Unlikely)

I’m inclined to believe the latter two options the most. The option that Starbuck is really dead would be predicated on the actress who plays Starbuck quitting the show. Since I haven’t heard anything to that effect, I’m skeptical of it, but it’s a possibility. I do think it would be kind of unusual to set up this episode dwelling on the “Special Destiny” of Kara Thrace only to have her destiny to be the banal one … death.

Although I don’t think it was a bad episode, it suffered from the same sort of problem that has been plaguing all of the recent episodes — A sort of schizophrenic swing of character crises from episode to episode with no continuity between them. The flashbacks attempted to tie the episode back to earlier run-ins Kara had with Leoben, but all the recent Starbuck-centric episodes have been dealing with her relationship to Apollo. Even with the attempt to tie it back to previous episodes, it still seems like (and was) a crisis coming out of the blue. If the past five or so episodes had been used to build up Kara’s mental anguish over what happened to her on New Caprica rather than deal with her flirtations with Lee and Anders, this episode would have made more sense, seemed more appropriate and just in general been much better.

What irritates me the most is that from the previews, the next episode is going to be very Baltar-centric, meaning that the whole fallout of Starbuck’s death is going to be pushed to the side for some ridiculous legal drama. I know I complain a lot about flashbacks and so on in this show, but now is the perfect time for a nearly-all-flashback episode as major characters deal with their grief.

Sometimes it seems like I should be writing this show.

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