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Forums are Fun

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I’ve been reading a lot of game forums lately, probably too much for my own good. On the one hand, we have Epic Games turning up the hype a little bit on Unreal Tournament 2007 Unreal Tournament 3, and on the other hand we’ve got ArenaNet doing controversial “Test Weekends” prior to the first major balancing patch since Nightfall’s release.

I tend to alternate between withering despair and contented amusement when I look at these things. Some examples from Guild Wars forums…

Here’s a completely new thread that someone made:

Un-nerf Rits PLEASE
Shelter – 25 energy
is way too harsh.

Truly a well-thought out and convincing argument. It seems like the original poster’s guidelines for posting are:

1. Always create a new thread, no matter how minor your actual topic is.
2. Don’t even think about looking for, say, the proper area (e.g. a Ritualist subforum) to post in. Reading stickied posts is right out.
3. PLEASE use capital letters to emphasize the importance of your opinion.
4. State your opinion in a concise manner — Just not a clear or well-supported one. “25 energy / is way too harsh” we can understand, but don’t explain why it’s too harsh or what even the effect of “Shelter” is. Don’t make comparisons to other skills.
5. ??? (Profit?)

Here’s another fun type of poster:

Shut the hell up. The sooner we all delete our rits, the sooner they’ll remove them from the game, then they can get to work on paragons. Stupid, STUPID classes. Everyone who pvps competitively hates both classes, and Guild Wars is a PvP oriented game. If you dont agree with me, you’re wrong.

1. The game developers have a vendetta against me.
2. My opinion is the only correct one.
3. If you don’t agree with me, you’re wrong.


Here’s another post showing a similar sort of derangement. Just as a bit of a preface, Razah is an NPC character called a “Hero” that was supposed to be introduced with Nightfall. It seems, however, that ArenaNet wasn’t able to make him available initially and thus released him a few weeks later with an additional game content update (and a major new area).

Yes, but Razah wasn’t intended to be a Ritualist, but instead a character that could change his primary profession. In the manual it strongly hinted at this, and now seeing that this is not true is a MASSIVE let down to myself and no doubt many players. I’m trying to suggest a fix to the solution, because this was one of the few threads holding me to buying this expansion. If Anet thinks they’re seriously letting this slip through as just a ritualist in a campaign in which you can’t even make one, then it’s even more ridiculous on so many levels.

I just can’t settle for this, it’s one of the greatest let-downs in Guild Wars, and if I didn’t value life so much I’d probably strap bombs onto myself and nuke ’em.

Seriously — This post is disturbing. Everything he says is true until we get to the end when his mental instability comes to the fore.

Of course, aside from the wackos we’ve also got the pranksters. This is all in good fun until the joke noise starts drowning out the content signal.

Times are changing. Competition between video game developers is getting more and more fierce. I believe if A.Net wishes to keep up with the growing demands of customers and the ever greater rivalry between game developers, the game MUST include bows with chainsaws attached to them. I know it may sound unorthadox, but I think the very concept can revolutionalize the gaming industry and lift A.Net to the top.

The way this new weapon would work is that at mid-long range, it would function as a ranged weapon. When you get in close enough, you can switch it to a melee weapon.

A.Net, if you wish to stay on top of online gaming and value earning money, I HIGHLY suggest you include Chainsaw Bows.

One of my pet peeves, though, has got to be people who come on forums with complete misinformation. Take this example, a new thread started on the UT2007/UT3 forums:

Sorry if this has been posted already.

[A link to EB Games preorders for UT2007]

Of course anyone with any sense realizes that EB Games’, or any other retail outlet for games, projected shipping dates are completely useless unless they’re coming directly from the developer. Wal-Mart had a projected release date for UT2007 of January 2007 — As we can all see, that didn’t exactly work out too well.

And, just for the “WTF” factor, a post called “The Legend of Lureation”:

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It’s too bad there’s not a way to filter out all the mouth-breathers on forums.

Upgrading to WordPress 2.1


So today I’m trying to update to WordPress 2.1. In the vein of Fark headlines, wackiness ensues. It seems like all of my posts are loading every time I go to my main page, even though I have the thing set to only display the ten most recent posts, and naturally my categories and such are all screwed up.

Worst of all I don’t really know why this is occurred. A Fubared installation, or is this all normal since I haven’t upgraded other elements of the site in awhile (e.g. plugins, themes)? Anyway, if you’re loading up the site bear please hit the stop button so you don’t strain my bandwidth by loading up every image I’ve ever posted here bear with until I can get all of this resolved.


Managed to get the displaying-every-post issue resolved, however I’m still having trouble getting my links to display the way I want them to. Unfortunately I’m becoming increasingly convinced the the clumsy Link Category / Blogroll functionality is by design in WordPress 2.1, so I can no longer have invisible lists of links but will always have an empty and useless category (see: Additional Links) on my sidebar. Oh well.

I’ve also switched over to K2 for the time being. I really do like K2, mostly for the sidebar modules, but I’m not sure if I’ll stick with it. I’m going to give it some time and see if I can accustomed to it.

I’ve also installed htakismet, a plugin that presumably identifies spammers via Akismet and then blocks them from visiting the site — I’m interested to see if this can cut down on the amount of spam I get, although I’m hoping it doesn’t block out any actual humans. If it does, well, email me at — Assuming you can read this post, which you probably wouldn’t be able to.