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Middle Ages tech support… Hilarious and probably true. Via 2Blowhards.

Via the related videos on the classic Kitty Washing Machine, Cat Head Theater – Hamlet:

When Harry Met Sally Recut, via 2Blowhards

Occasionally I’ll come across a fun ultra-slow motion video of, say, a balloon being burst or a can of soda exploding. I recently came across this website that’s dedicated entirely to slow-motion and extreme closeup videos: Lucid Movement. Pretty cool stuff, although the pay scheme here makes them come off as snobbish.

I don’t tend to use Wikipedia all that much, but when I came across this list of unusual articles in Wikipedia I definitely spent a few hours perusing it. Who needs this information? Who cares? It’s all kind of fascinating in an eerie and esoteric way.

Via 2Blowhards I come across this interview with Scott Derrickson who is a big fan of Chesterton. I’ve never read any Chesterton myself, and I’ve never seen any of Derrickson’s films either, but this interview has me kind of wanting to seek out both. Particularly Chesterton’s Orthodoxy, since this man claims it changed his life — I’m certainly interested in reading a book which could do that.

In a kind of related note, I came across this article on ChicagoBoyz which is tough to describe, but generally speaking is about the fragility of culture and civilization. Thought-provoking stuff.

Steven Levitt talks about the economics of being in a gang. Not surprisingly, the pay doesn’t compensate for the high risk nature of the job…

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