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What the heck has been going on with the Sci-Fi channel lately?

I don’t know if they’ve changed their lineup/scheduling or what but it’s got me pretty irritated with them. All I want to be able to do is queue up Heroes and Battlestar Galactica on a Friday night and have them available to watch late Friday night or Saturday. I’ve been fortunate enough lately with my mixed up schedule to not miss any episodes: Ever since Heroes’ half-season cliffhanger I started watching it on Mondays on NBC, simply because after a few weeks of not seeing the show I wanted to get back into it without waiting the whole week to watch it. I also remember looking for Battlestar on Fridays and not seeing it, but then having it show up on my Tivo rather mysteriously.

So today I sat down to queue up Heroes and Battlestar. Not there. What the heck? Now I’m a bit irritated since I purposefully didn’t watch Heroes on Monday with the intention of getting back into my regular TV watching schedule, which means I’ll have to get caught up on the show some other way. I could probably check Sci Fi’s page to see when they moved the shows to — but doesn’t it kind of make sense to announce that sort of thing before people end up in the lurch and miss episodes of the shows they are making a commitment to watch?

I guess they’re still better than G4 Spike TV Wannabe.

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