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I finally broke down and bought my own copy of Iron Heroes and took another step towards actually starting up my campaign again in the foreseeable future. I’d been looking for it locally, but since it’s kind of a niche item, even for D&D books, I wasn’t really expecting to find it. Regardless, I asked one of the other guys to bring it in, the book got passed around a few times and most everyone seemed interested in running out of that book primarily.

Now, knowing the players I expect a tad bit of trouble when it actually comes time to play, with them wanting to play their typical (unusual) archetypes of say, Elven Samurai and Half-Everything/Half-Spellcaster/Half-Rogue. I’m hoping that, generally speaking, the background traits of Iron Heroes (basically allowing +2 to any attribute with a corresponding -2 elsewhere) will assuage any misgivings they have over playing an all-human group of characters.

My main concern is how much additional work picking up Iron Heroes will add to the NPC creation process — I suppose it’s not all that important since I can always use base D&D classes in lieu of Iron Heroes classes, but for major characters I will want to give them some of the nice features that Iron Heroes gives, like token pools and whatnot. Major bugs on my mind still? D&D’s skill system and the wacky-beyond-belief economy.

I wonder if Iron Heroes has alternate treasure rules, can’t recall…

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