Unreal Tournament 3

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The rumor-mill has been working overtime this morning since today is the day of a big Midway-Epic press event where presumably they will be showcasing UT2007. Via Epic Forums:

Epic and Midway will show a playable version of UT2007.
There will also be:
– new screenshots
– a new treiler
– new information about gametypes
– and a mega surprise which is top secret

Journalists of the biggest media companys will be there.
So wait for previews in game magazines…

So the big rumor as of right now is that the “top secret / mega surprise” is that Epic is dropping the 2007 and instead renaming the title Unreal Tournament 3. I’m excited if this is the case, it means they’re finally dropping the asinine sports-themed title and connecting the game with the original Unreal Tournament. Not to mention “Unreal Tournament 3,” and especially the acronymal “UT3” flows off the tongue so much better than “Unreal Tournament Two-Thousand-and-Seven” or “UTTwoKayThree.”

Update: It’s official, UT2007 is now UT3. It’s also coming to the XBox360, which is probably both a blessing and a curse — Let’s just hope Epic doesn’t forget that the real staying power of UT is due to the PC community investing time and effort making content to keep UT fresh for years.

We also get a new trailer. Kind of short, and really hard to tell what’s going on in the second half, but looking hopeful…

Update 2: High definition version of the trailer. It’s about 20MB and hosted locally. You’ll need something capable of playing WMV files (Try VLC media player if on a non-Windows machine).

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