Omissions: Link Roundup, part 2

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Following up with some more links here…

A new episode of the Unreal Tournament Podcast was released. Probably not worth your time unless you’re a regular UT2004 player, the latest episode is an interview with the creator of ArenaMaster/Team ArenaMaster gametypes — The most popular gametypes in UT2004 aside from Onslaught — and the creator of the 3SPN / PeerPressure community. A lot of the things he says make a lot of sense and bode well for his future endeavors.

I actually ran across this series of PoynterOnline “Writing Tools” back when I was attempting NaNoWriMo — But recently I came across this one and decided I may as well link to them here. There’s over fifty articles here, each covering a basic sort of writing technique. Poynter seems to be geared towards journalistic writing, but these techniques are a great resource no matter what kind of writing you may be doing. The first article in the series is here.

Strangely enough, I had been meaning to link to Flash Tower Defense here, but that’s kind of a moot point given my previous post. In another weird coincidence I was also meaning to link to this article on the Worst Videogame Endings Ever. I’m guessing from Shamus’ reaction Neverwinter Nights 2 might place up there for him. Personally, I’m kind of surprised that there’s not, say, Galaga or World of Warcraft on this list. You know, since they don’t even pretend to try for closure. I suppose that lack of an ending might not qualify for the “Worst Ending” category.

Speaking of unending games, I ran across this neat little idea here: Passively Multiplayer [Online] Gaming. The real trick here is finding incentives that work, but I suppose completely arbitrary numerical values tend to work fine in most games…

Lastly Treasure Tables has put a pair of really good posts up in the past week. The first is on religion in your campaign, the second is on fear checks. Definitely read the comments on these ones.

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