New Year, New Start

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We’re well into 2007 already, so I figure I may as well make a resolution for myself. My resolution is to get all of my computer-related effects in order. This, of course, is a monumental task that I’ll be lucky to accomplish this year, but it’s worth it. I need to do this for my peace of mind, as it’s really difficult for me to move on to new things when I feel like what I already am invested in is in disarray.

Computer organization is a pretty broad category, so I guess I’ll define some subcategories
Blog — Getting the blog here in a state that I’ll be happy with for the foreseeable future.
Images — Getting all of my images organized in a sensible way, preferably with some sort of easy tagging system for quick searching across all images on my hard drive. I have many gigabytes of images accumulated over the years, so this is probably the most substantial task.
Music — Same as with Images, but with substantial amounts of work already done. Mostly this involves copying the music from the rest of my CD collection onto my computer and then backing it all up on DVDs.
Programs and File Structure — This one isn’t all that big, but most of the work here seems to be in planning. Windows programs tend to like to install shortcuts to themselves on the Desktop and in the Start Menu… And while I have my Desktop relatively clean of extraneous program shortcuts, my Start Menu is a mess. Ideally I need to think up some good categories (e.g. “Audio Programs”, “Photography/Video Programs”, etc) and organize that way. Unfortunately it’s not quite that easy, with some programs fitting in multiple categories, or related and synergistic programs being broken up into different categories…

First task in organization? Well, I’m going to clean out my blogroll a bit and possibly add some more structure to it (although I don’t know if I’ll bother with the latter — I tend to view the blogroll as my own personal reference for sites to read). I also added a new page with an extended blogroll to it so that I can keep my frontpage blogroll short and unintimidating, but provide more links and resources for people who find they have similar tastes.

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