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Like Shamus I’ve been way too busy to manage to keep up with everything I’ve wanted to write about or mention lately, so here’s a roundup post to (mostly) clean out my blog cache before the new year.

Here’s a video showing off the Final Fantasy 13 environments. I love the renderer they’re using, though I have no clue how it’s able to calculate all that detail in what seems like real-time.

Jesse Curry muses on why Digg is filled with ***holes. I’m definitely inclined to agree that the simplicity of the Digg/Bury mechanism only allows the lowest common denominator to rise to the top. I find Slashdot’s moderation/ranking system intimidating, but it also has a much better signal-to-noise ratio. At the same time, I feel like Slashdot attracts a more mature crowd in general, so I have no clue whether Digg’s problems stem from the system or from the users themselves.

While I tend to be skeptical of claims like these, the obligatory joke is that performing solat five times daily results in a 67% decrease in having your head sawed off. Seriously though, that meditative practices like prayer may have health benefits wouldn’t surprise me.

I’ve been sitting on a couple of links here for awhile on pseudonyms and blogging. I believe I grabbed the first of these from 2Blowhards and the second from the first, but it’s been some time so it’s tough to remember. The first is from someone calling him/herself Oso Raro, the second is from someone calling herself Dr. Crazy. The angle is a bit obliquely academic, but I found them worth a read.

I also liked this piece by John Derbyshire, found via Steve Sailer, on the educational establishment.

Last, but not least I wanted to provide a link to this post by Sheila O’Malley about the Charmin bathrooms in Times Square… Perhaps the only bathrooms in Times Square, to which no doubt tens of thousands of people will flock tonight. Alas, the Sheila’s post does not seem to be working anymore, at least not on her blog. Here’s the Google cache of the page, you must read it.

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