YouTube Showcase

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Also known as: Holidays are way too busy, but here’s some cool stuff.

Anyway, if there’s one good thing to this whole YouTube “revolution” — for lack of a better term — then it’s that creative guys and gals with a computer and a digital videocamera can make amazing low-budget independent clips, films without having to go through traditional distribution channels. High-concept, low-concept, whatever, as long as someone’s got the will to push the project through, it can be on YouTube.

Tony vs. Paul, a stop motion battle:

This next one is, I think, a student project by either a student or a group of students. Kiwi:

This last one’s actually got some real funding behind it, but it’s a marvel nonetheless. I guess if I were to attend some of these Digital Animation Expos and Conventions I might see this sort of stuff outside of YouTube: The Cathedral.


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