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How difficult is it to become a popstar in the modern music world?

On an entertainment-related note: A Chinese actress talks about the obvious scumminess of the film industry. Does anyone believe that the film industry is any different anywhere else? It’s an industry where women succeed by virtue of raw sex appeal rather than talent or intelligence. Lets be realistic. The only real question in my mind is: How do movie executives in the US get away with this behavior without getting sued into oblivion?

Here’s a hilariously bad video I found on YouTube that, oddly enough, deals with some similar themes. It seems to be some bizarre hybrid of a World of Warcraft and Coke commercial.

I don’t really watch much television anymore, so I’d only heard tangentially about Dateline’s somewhat controversial entrapment scheme “To Catch A Predator.” There are a number of people who’ve posted clips of the “busts” featured on Dateline, and somehow or another I ended up watching a few of them — I find the segments kind of problematic. My test is this: What if someone wanted to play a prank on Chris Hansen? What if you wanted to play his game and win, and show him, his condescending attitude, and his hair, for a fool on national television? How would that play out?

Simply put, it wouldn’t. I can’t even conceive of how clever and how airtight of a case you’d have to have in order to escape from Dateline’s spin. And if these vigilantes are convinced of their own self-righteousness…? Anyway, here’s a funny parody of Dateline’s entrapment scheme.

On a crime theme, I had a great laugh at the Worst Burglar Ever.

Unbelievable. Just unbelievable.

Via Gene Expression I came across a link to Peekvid. Peekvid seems to be an aggregator of copyrighted video content. Although I wouldn’t want to watch anything extended on it due to the horrible quality, it seems like a good resource to sample things to see if you like them. I browsed their anime section for a bit, although as one would expect, the worst animes are also the most popular (Examples: Bleach, Naruto, Pokemon, etc). I also took a look at their comedy section and took a look at some of the Borat videos available there. After watching a few Borat segments I’ve decided that I don’t particularly care to subject myself to two hours of the same thing. At least now I have a good idea of the schtick and don’t feel completely out of the cultural loop.

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