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Recently I ran across this little Flash game called Line Rider. It’s a simple concept, and reminds me of some early racing games that I remember playing. You design a track using basic pixel art and your character (the “Line Rider”) attempts to navigate the track. It’s a bit simple in that you have no control over the character, but that’s also part of the appeal. It takes real skill and patience to devise good tracks.

It seems that the Line Rider community has managed to make some pretty entertaining videos to show off their tricks and tracks.
The best of these is Line Rider- Jagged Peak Adventure. Classic moves, an amazing track, and a great soundtrack.

This next one, “Linerider Speed + Flips” is kind of hypnotic to watch, with the combination of the speed of the linerider and the music.

There’s apparently a couple of variants of Line Rider out there, which isn’t really a surprise. This next video is from a variant called Line Flyer, which apparently allows you to change the vehicle your rider uses and makes it very difficult to fall off. The video below, “Line Flyer Deathwish” is pretty entertaining, though I think the music is a poor choice.

As you probably noticed from the above videos there’s a bit of a tendency to subject the rider himself to a bit of abuse — It seems that some people make that their explicit goal, as in this video, “Line Flyer Loop de Trash.”

One last video for more abuse of the Line Rider…

I’m pretty tempted to make some tracks for this game and put videos up. Unfortunately I think the interface for track building is too frustrating to use — Couldn’t it just use B&W pixel art? Or, at the very least, have pixel-by-pixel control, including erasure, built in trajectory calculation, and built-in curve tools? Anyway, if you’re looking for something to play around with on occasion it seems like a fun little diversion. I wonder if I can use FRAPS to capture the video…?

EDIT 12/24/2006:

Above: Line Rider: Urban Run.

Below: Wormholes

Line Rider Supreme

May consolidate these updates into a new post later, hmm….

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